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As many people that wear contact lenses well know, contact lenses can easily be forgotten. Did I remove them?  If not, where did they go?  While a person is sleeping, forgotten contacts can create a dangerous situation where they can sink down into the cavity below the lower eyelid. They can become difficult to reach and combine with other lost lenses. On many occasions people have had pain and went to the physician only to find out there were many previous lenses accumulating there requiring special removal. 

The Aquafinitee contacts are an alternative to regular contacts. They are created to dissolve in the person’s eye over time and be washed away by natural fluids. People will no longer need to worry about leaving the contacts in overnight and forgetting them. 

The Aquafinitee contacts are made of a propriety combination of materials including collagen and polyvinyl alcohol to dissolve in a means that is safely eliminated by the body.

Contact lenses can be difficult and stressful for many people. The Aquafinitee lenses help make the wearing of contacts a much more enjoyable process by giving the wearer much less to worry about.

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About the Inventors

Tammy Byler and Julie Gabarik of Middlefield, OH, saw a serious problem that develops with many contact lens wearers and how doctor visits can be needed to rectify this dangerous situation. They came up with a solution and it proved to be quite effective. Working with Mars Rising Network, they had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design into a commercial product.

They are actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with them to get this product on the market.   


Tammy Byler

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Tammy Byler & Julie Gabarik

Phone:  704-775-8471

Website:  www.Aquafinitee-eye.com

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