Crowd Funding for Inventors

The Mars Rising Network offers a crowdfunding service for inventors as part of our overall program. Having network partners working together, we can help inventors raise capital through the crowdfunding platform. Working with Kickstarter & Indiegogo, each inventor has an opportunity to raise anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million.


Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo for Inventors


Kickstarter is one of the largest platforms and has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for new inventions needing capital for manufacturing and to build final prototypes for manufacturing. Indiegogo is Crowd Funding for Inventorsnot as large as Kickstarter. However, they focus on inventors more than any other platform out there.


Together, these companies are by far the leaders in raising capital for inventors and their invention ideas. Raising money through crowdfunding is very specific and requires basic and sometimes more sophisticated methods.

The Process of Crowdfunding for Inventors


The process begins with having the invention designed properly, and a patent filed. The patent ensures the invention is protected from outsiders stealing the invention thus preventing the inventor from seeing any success from their design.


An important second step is to create a brochure or at least a good description of the invention, how it is a better way of doing things, and how it can benefit the end user. It is also beneficial that it offers an eco-friendly and ergonomic benefit to society at large.


Crowd-funding-inventor-servicesAnother important step is to have a video. Videos are one of the most essential parts of the entire process of raising capital through crowdfunding. The video could be an animation video in some cases for smaller amounts to be raised. A live video with a more professional touch can be used to raise higher amounts of capital.


In most cases, a prototype is required to establish the proof of concept. It says that we have gone through the design process, made a prototype, and are ready to manufacture, produce, and deliver the product to the public.


What Does it Cost to Crowdfund an Invention?

Our partners can manage the campaign, or it can be managed by the inventor depending on the amount of money the inventor can spend, and the amount of money the inventor needs to raise. There is usually an upfront cost along with a percentage of the funds raised by the platform, and a fee to the company managing the campaign on the inventor’s behalf.


Contact us for more information and how we can help you raise capital through crowdfunding.