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Mars Rising Network offers “INTEREST FREE FINANCING” for your invention for qualified applicants.


It is fast & easy to qualify.

We offer a one-time FREE patent search for your invention. If your invention evaluation and patent search is positive, and in your favor, you will qualify for our Invention Funding Program.

Simply fill out our submission form in full and we will contact you to explain the program and how it works for you.

If you are still interested, we will email you an e-signature evaluation form with a confidentiality agreement and invention disclosure form.

Once you have filled it out and signed it you will submit that back to us and we will perform the patent search based on the information you have given us.

In 2 to 3 days, we will email you the evaluation report and the actual patent search results.

If it is negative then you have saved money and time.

If it is positive, and in your favor, we will officially invite into our program.





Donna Hossner Licensed her “Ab Press” invention with the Mars Rising Network Program and receives royalties from TV and retail Sales. Great work Donna – Another MRN Success Story.

Donald Bentley Licensed his “Magnetic Tool Hanging System” with the Mars Rising Network Program and is receiving royalties from his manufacture that he found with our Contact Database. The product is sold internationally. Another great idea that has seen success with our program.

Keirra Washington joined the Mars Rising Network with her New Invention “Beauty Brows”. She was granted a patent and soon after purchased a 3 D Printer and Manufactures her own product. She speaks to new inventors across the country and she has spoken to QVC & HSN. She has thousands of units sold already. We are proud of you Keirra and you are a great example of working with us and achieving your own dreams. Congratulations.

Donald Bentley Licensed his “Magnetic Tool Hanging System” with the Mars Rising Network Program and is receiving royalties from his manufacture that he found with our Contact Database. The product is sold internationally. Another great idea that has seen success with our program.

Broderick Carter joined the Mars Rising Network and filed his patent for his “C2 Sling Pro”. He has his product manufactured and is selling on Amazon, his website, and is getting into retail stores across the country. Broderick is a self-motivated person and he is making his dream come true. A true Inventor and Entrepreneur.

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The Mars Rising Network

Mars Rising Network is a system of skilled professionals who assist inventors with protecting, developing and marketing their unique ideas and products.

Our knowledgeable team provides personalized attention and expert inventor services to help with the entire process, whether you’re a first-time inventor or have more experience in the field.

Mars Rising Network specializes in helping develop ideas and streamlining the invention process, from initial submissions to getting your invention on the market. Our goal is to help you establish interest and expand opportunities for success by providing the right channels and guidance. We want your invention to reach its full potential and will do everything we can to get you there.

Protect Your Ideas

When it comes to your unique idea or invention, the first step needs to be protecting its exclusive integrity. Mars Rising Network works with a community of Registered Patent Agents licensed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to help secure your invention with a legal patent. These experienced agents offer help with:

  • Patent Searches
  • Provisional Applications
  • Design Applications
  • Utility Applications

Mars Rising offers an extended network of patent agents that will work to protect your ideas, no matter the industry, business sector or commercial enterprise you’re pursuing.

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Develop Your Ideas

Some people have excellent ideas for a product but don’t know where to go from there. How do you design the product? Then once it’s designed, how can you get it made? We are the answer to these questions. If you have an innovative idea that you believe has market potential, we can work with you to develop this idea into a real prototype.

Non Disclosure Agreement

The information you provide will be kept 100% confidential according to the agreement below:

To the best of my knowledge, I do hereby declare and assert that I am the original inventor of the idea described herein. I hereby authorize Mars Rising Network to provide me with their free initial product review with no purchase required. I understand submitting my concept is not a release and that this information cannot be used, disclosed, or sold without my expressed written permission. Further, I understand Mars Rising Network cannot be held responsible for the return of voluntarily submitted materials (i.e.: photos, drawings, prototypes) including this Confidential Product Outline. All Mars Rising Network employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement for your protection.