Invention Ideas & Investing in them with Crowdfunding

People have been inventing things for thousands of years and people have been investing in things for about as long. Inventors have been creating new inventions for the consumer market for about the last 100 years or more because of the growing consumer market. In the last 50 years there has been an explosion with the population and its needs and wants for making and buying things that are less expensive, easier, faster, and better.

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Are You a New Author? Your Step by Step Guide to Protecting Your Work with a Copyright

Whether you have just finished the great American novel or finally completed a training manual on your company’s proprietary software, it is important to protect your work the right way. If you are an inventor, you know how important it is to protect your great idea with a patent, but did you realize that copyright protection can be just as important?

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Mars Rising Network Features | Reduce Waste and Recycle Your Bath Soap with the Soap Savior

Tired of wasting money by always throwing away your bar soap because it’s too small to hold on to? A new product coming to market, the Soap Savior, is the solution to reducing waste and putting money back in your pocket.

The Soap Savior allows consumers to melt together small pieces of bar soap to make a brand new bar. Each piece of soap goes through a quick filtering process to remove any debree. Customers even have the option of personalizing the soap with perfumes or oils.

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