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Inventor Testimonials

The following testimonials are from actual active MRN clients in their own words.  References available upon request. 

I’ve spent a large sum of money working with other companies that offered a lot of empty promises and got nothing in return! I already invested so much time into my project and didn’t want to give up just yet. I was concerned with finding a company that would help me instead of taking my money. I finally decided to do some serious research before I made another move. I came across Mars Rising and figured that I’d give them a try. Hands down, they are the BEST company I came across! I had a chance to accomplish all that I needed and more. **** was always there to accept or return my calls, answer questions or concerns that I had and offered me useful advice. Most of all, their packages are a steal. MRN offers packages and data for every invention genre to help you get ahead, literally. MRN opened doors for me that I didn’t know would happen so fast. Now I’m well on my way. Basically, Mars Rising Network is an AWESOME company for inventors to start and end with! Look no further.

Clarence Parker

Inventor, Jewelry Box Raising Platform

We contacted the Mars Rising Network about getting our invention patented and from the very first call they were great! Their team did a wonderful job designing our invention and getting our patent paperwork done! They even got everything done a lot quicker than what he said, which is awesome!! Also we did not have all the money upfront so they put us on an interest free payment plan. All I can say is The Mars Rising Network are more than awesome!!!! We will only use The Mars Rising Network for all our future inventions!!! Thanks for everything and can’t wait to work with you in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dustin Zicafoose

Inventor, Baby Bottle & Pacifier

I would describe my association with the MARS Rising Network as; Professional, Supportive, Trusting (necessary element), Responsive and Effective. The most productive gain was having the MARS Network prepare in less than month what had taken ME over 3 years to try to launch. I am available for comment.
Leo Gosson

Inventor, LED Alert System

I would like to say that I have done a lot of searching for companies to help in the inventing process and the Mars Rising Network gives you the most for your money. They quality of work is top notch and you will not go wrong by getting them to help you on your project. I had them help me with design and patent work and was very pleased with my results. They charged me half of what other companies wanted to charge me.

Richard Fortney

Inventor, Raising Tackle Box System

The people at The Mars Rising Network are very knowledgeable, professional, and inventive. They produced and provided everything that they said they would. Their pricing seemed reasonable and they completed tasks in a very timely manner. They are very easy to contact and available to answer any questions. They are up front and honest from the beginning and allow you to make informed decisions without any pressure. It was a pleasure working with them. I would certainly use them again and would recommend them to anyone.

Gary Withee

Inventor, Wind Turbine Charging System

I am new to inventing, skeptical and not knowing where to start. I was very lucky to find MRN on the Internet. They were very informative and not high pressure. I always had the feeling that the customer’s needs came first. Unfortunately after they performed an in-depth patent search for my idea, they found a similar invention that had been granted only a couple of month earlier. They could have led me on and charged on going fees but they didn’t, they were very up front and we decided not to go farther. Therefore, I got an honest up front service for a few hundred dollars rather than being milked over many months and then finding out my invention could not be patented.

Jim Towner Philips

Inventor, Motorized Exercise Machine

The Mars Rising Network is a very great company for inventors to work with. They offer great drawings and give a broad knowledge of the particular industry your invention is associated with. Very low prices on all types of drawings, paperwork and filing fees. The owner of the company is a very knowledgeable person who knows the business in getting inventors in patent pending status. He has even helped me fund my invention without paying a boatload of cash to invention submission companies. If your serious about getting your invention out to the public and do not have any idea where to start. Give the Mars Rising Network a call. You wont be disappointed. There out to help inventors and are not about the money like other companies. Its so refreshing to know that there are still great companies out in the world to help others; cause that is what they do. I just finished my invention and am awaiting patent pending status. All thanks go to them as they gave me an opportunity to financially pay all services in a considerable time frame. You wont regret not giving them a holler. You will receive a ton of information about patent searches for your invention, trade show information, a list of manufacturers and distributors contact numbers all for discounted prices. Thanks, Mars. And again, thank you.

Bernard Walls

Inventor, Energy Exchange Device...

Mars Rising Network is an excellent company to work with on invention ideas and projects. I highly recommend them to everyone world wide. The staff is ideal to work with as they execute your ideas to pure perfection. They brought my project from just a simple idea to becoming real life. Thanks Mars Rising Network.

Now Rivera

Inventor, Snap n Drive…

Glad I chose the Mars Rising Network. they were quick with helping me make my idea go from napkin drawing to 3d view and patent pending status in less than a month. Answered all my questions in a timely manner and all the gentlemen I dealt with were very friendly. Will definitely use them again, couldn’t be happier!

Brian Ribaric

Inventor, Child Safety Cap...

Mars Rising Network is an honest inventor resource center who is loyal to their customers and very passionate about helping and assisting inventors with Licensing, Marketing and Patenting their invention!! You don’t have to worry about getting scammed! I highly recommend this company!!!

Consuelo Walker

Inventor, Specialty Carrot Pie…

I had started out working with another company a year ago, but I got some very bad reviews, so that’s when I turned to Mars Rising Network. I am very satisfied this far with their service. They are extremely helpful, diligent and have taken an interest in my invention and worked on it like it was their very own.

Maria Wynn

Inventor, Teething Crib Rail…

Hello to the world my name is Jeff and I’m the guy that’s gone give it to you straight. Me & my girl were looking for a company to work with to help us with our idea she heard about MARS RISING NETWORK so we looked them up on the webpage from top to bottom cause we don’t have time for games as we checked other reviews & she was sold and I was still skeptical so I called them up and left message & awhile later they called me back and fills me in on the business & what they do. Cool guy not cooler than me but cool lol. I knew my idea was simple once you lay eyes on it & soon as he saw it he immediately knew what it was & he understood it & where we were coming from my girl was excited me being me I’m like ok show me the money lol.. They showed us some concepts perfecting the idea & it was good onceagain she’s excited I want the money he did everything he said they would do he helped us out a lot & I do appreciate the support time & effort to help us out. Anytime we had a question about anything in our package we never hesitated to call and they never hesitated to answer the phone and help us. If you need help with your idea, they are definitely the people to call.

Jeffrey Coffin

Inventor, Dual Door Trash Can…

We contacted Mr. Benson, CEO of the Mars Rising Network, for assistance in getting our invention patented. Not only did he assist us through the entire patent process but also educated us on how to get our product out into the marketplace along with the important steps it takes become successful. The quality of work that was done to bring our invention to life through drawings and 3 D video was amazing. They were wonderful to work with and we couldn’t be more pleased with everything their company has done for us.

Lindsey Legg & Alyssa Soto

Inventor, LED Shoe Lite Emblem……Langhorne, PA.

For my first invention I was looking for someone I could trust. After researching the internet and talking with a lot of folks about moving forward I just didn’t feel like they understood until I talked to the Mars Rising Network. I recommend them if you are looking for someone you can trust. They go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need and help you understand what is important. For someone who has not been through this process, like me, it was an education and it was an education and they were there and a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge is second to none.

Eric Mowry

Inventor, Stay Fresh……Leesburg, VA.

I’ve spent a large sum of money working with other companies that offered a lot of empty promises and got nothing in return! I already invested so much time into my project and didn’t want to give up just yet. I was concerned with finding a company that would help me instead of taking my money. I finally decided to do some serious research before I made another move. I came across Mars Rising Network and figured that I’d give them a try. Hands down, they are the best company I came across! I had a chance to accomplish all that I needed and more. They were always there to accept or return my calls, answer questions or concerns that I had and offered me useful advice. Most of all, their packages are a steal. MRN offers packages and data for every invention genre to help you get ahead, literally. MRN opened doors for me that I didn’t know would happen so fast. Now I’m well on my way. Basically, Mars Rising Network is an AWESOME company for inventors to start and end with! Look no further.

Cherney Johnson

Inventor, Wrap-n-Dry………Sherman Oaks, CA.

I did a project with The Mars Rising Network and they were very supportive and creative during the design process. They also had reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to get an invention done, and I would work with them again in the future.

Devin Williams

Inventor, Perfect Picture Remote………Jacksonville, FL.

My association with the Mars Rising Network has been one of the finest business relations I have had. They took my idea seriously and worked with me to turn it into a practical and patentable product. After hearing and reading about the less than honest organizations scamming people like myself, working with the Mars Rising Network continued to be the best part of my day. I now have filed for patents, have a good looking professional brochure and the details on hundreds of companies that produce and market products similar to mine. I really recommend these guys.

Albert Hartkorn

Inventor, The Oven Toaster……Miami Beach, FL.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with the Mars Rising Network. I have been treated with the utmost in customer service and professionalism. I have a time stamp from the USPTO and look forward to them helping us through the entire process. I can without reservation recommend the Mars Rising Network to any inventor in need of help.

Kari Gray

Inventor, Wholistic Health…….Wailuku, HI.

I contacted the Mars Rising Network after trying another nationally advertised invention company. What a difference in customer service, availability and general service! Thank you MRN for a wonderful experience where you provided clear guidance and directions. I look forward to working with you on future projects.

Jackie D. Bullock

Inventor, The Shnarkle…….Chicago, IL.

I contacted Mr. Benson, President of Mars Rising Network for help with development and patent work. After helping me determine if I could be granted a patent we moved forward with my invention. The 3 D renderings were priceless and now I am in negotiations with with a huge company for a licensing agreement. All work and pricing were carefully detailed from the beginning and did not change during the process. They returned all of my phone calls on the same day usually, and there was never a sales pitch. I was fortunate to have found them early on in my endeavor. I highly recommend them.

Tim Wilkes

Inventor, The Ultimate Taco Shaper…..San Clemente, CA.

If you have an invention idea I strongly recommend contacting the Mars Rising Network for assistance. Jeff’s knowledge in the invention field was priceless and he really helped me get going in the right direction with my idea. There really is no sales pitch when you call them. I was very comfortable working with this company.

Ginger Dickens

Inventor, Kitchen Magic…..Hurst, TX.

The Mars Rising Network made my experience as a new inventor very positive. It can be challenging to find a company that operates with integrity in this industry, however this company proved true to their mission statement. They delivered my design patent application and Licensing & Marketing Package in a very efficient and effective manner. The quality of the work exceeded my expectations. The process was very cost effective when compared to other companies. I look forward to working with this company on my future patent and marketing needs.

Tamara Jones

Inventor, Backless Panty……Phoenix, AZ.

I’ve been an inventor for the better part of my adult life and have often wondered how nice it would be if there were a legitimate place we inventors could go to find everything we needed to bring our ideas to fruition. Well, while searching the internet last year, I stumbled onto such a place, The Mars Rising Network, with non other than Jeffrey Benson at the helm. After working with Jeff and his crew for over a year now, on three completely different concepts, all with their own unique issues regarding design, manufacturing, and functionality. I can assure you that Jeff and his team of wizards are the most knowledgeable , professional, and creative bunch you could ever hope to meet. They are there for you every step of the way to make sure that everything that needs to get done, does, and more importantly , in the right order and within the time frame. The Mars Rising Network is truly a One Stop Shop as far as inventing goes, and I would just like to say, thanks again guys and I look forward to working with you again in the future…

Ken Glaser

Inventor, Backless Panty……Phoenix, AZ.

I have had the Mars Rising Network help me with 3 projects over the last 2 years and I have received a granted patent from the first project and I have secured a licensing agreement with one of my inventions and I am marketing another myself. They have become my support through this process and I highly recommend them. Very personal service.

Yedidia Shofet

Inventor, Los Angeles, CA.

I came to the Mars Rising Network with a new design for a dentistry instrument and I found the best price and the best service here. I researched many companies and I saw that this company had real inventors that have had success. I am very happy with the patent work done by them and with the expert advice in how I could sell my product in the marketplace.

Steve Peterson……..Dental Lab Technician

Inventor, Clearwater, FL.

I had 2 invention ideas and I talked with Mr. Benson and they had the best price by far and they also gave me very personal service and even financed a portion of my project. I am now in patent pending status and I am presenting my inventions to manufactures and distributors because of the licensing and marketing package they put together for me. I would recommend them for any project.

Mike Welsh

Inventor, Fisherman’s Cooler & UFC Jacket …….Riverside, CA.

I saw the Mars Rising Network on the internet and I called them about my granted patent for a wireless lighting system. They liked the idea so much they engineered a much better product and they signed a licensing agreement with me and are paying me royalties from the sales of the product. I am very happy with them and hope the product does really well.

Gwendolyn Ponamar

Inventor, Solar Lighting……..Weirton, VA.

I found them on the internet and told them I had a new design for high end racing displays. They gave me a great price and did the patent work very quickly and I am in patent pending now. I will be coming back for more work to be done in the near future. Thank you for your help.

John Phillips

Designer, Lexington, SC.

I had a new invention for the roofing industry and filed a provisional patent and I was looking for someone that could help me find a manufacture or distributor for a possible licensing deal. I talked to the Mars Rising Network and Mr. Benson and Patrick helped produce a 3D animated video with an executive summary for a professional presentation to hundreds of companies that may have an interest in my invention. Their price was very low and the work was high quality. I now have an opportunity that I did not have before. I would recommend them for any help an inventor needs and appreciate their honesty and hard work to make my project a first class presentation.

Mike Vega

Inventor, Contractor, Bowie, MD.

I had a great idea with a folding building and I needed help with the patent process. The Mars Rising Network was there with a great price and good knowledge of how we would do it. They also offered me a licensing package with a 3D Animated video which made the difference in showing my invention to others. Because of that I now have manufactures and distributors in the USA and other countries. I would highly recommend them for any project an inventor may have.

Cemal Alagoz

Inventor, Palmetto, FL.

Being a fashion designer in New York we were looking for a company that could provide very low cost patent services. We found the Mars Rising Network and were very impressed with their record and their personal attention to our needs. They are providing all of our design patent work and we have recommended others in our industry to do the same.

Alexis Major - Sammie Foremost

LLC – Manhatten, N.Y. & Newark, NJ

I came to the Mars Rising network with some of my sunglass designs and didn’t have much money to start my project. Mr. Benson and his team worked very quickly to get the project finished and gave me all the direction I needed to license them. I will definitly be back in the near future to have them take care of other designs I have. I highly recommend them for anything an inventor needs.

Dwain Fitzritson

Inventor , Boynton Beach, FL.

I saw the Mars Rising Network on the internet and needed to file a patent quickly and inexpensively. They did all of that for me and they were very personal in their approach. I would happily recommend them to anyone needing the same services I was provided.

Patrick Howe

Inventor / Business Owner, San Diego, CA

When I contacted Mars Rising Network I was in a stage in my product development where I needed a little insight and inspiration and they came through. Their years of experience helped me refine my product to make it more effcient as well as improve upon my patent submissions. As a possible contestant on Shark Tank ABC my time was limited and Mars Rising Network was there for me at the drop of a hat. Everything is in motion now and I’m excited to see where Mars Rising Network’s guidance will lead me next. I would recommend them for every stage of product development and brand development alike.

Jason Zelich

Chandler, Arizona

We saw the Mars Rising Network on the internet and wanted to find a reputable company with a price we could deal with and quality work. We found exactly that the MRN to be sure. They did the patent work quickly and with a lot of personal attention. Their experience was particularly of interest to us and hope we will secure a patent for our hybrid plant patent in the future. We recommend them highly.

Sadia Ross

Scientist / Inventor, Discovery Bay, CA.

I would recommend these guys anytime. They worked with my new golf product and put a search for a patent together and helped with some of the marketing. They are also setting up my website and doing the SEO work. They do it all. Thanks again.

James Green


On my journey to search for a patent I found The Mars Rising Network and they proved to be a valuable partner for me to prepare the necessary documents required by the USPTO in order to obtain my patent. The advanced patent search and services provided made it easy to apply and the fees were a fraction of what an attorney would charge.

Kevin Irwin

Inventor, Long Beach, CA.

I was looking for investors for my new company and I saw The Mars Rising Network. They had exactly what I needed and for the right price. They provided us with a professional PPM, investor leads, and a method to raise some money quickly and my business took off. I recommend them highly and I am having them build my website as well.

Brian Caldwell

Denver, CO.

I called many places to find a patent attorney or registered agent. After looking at the cost and turn-around time, the clear leader was The Mars Rising Network. They are there through the whole process.

Steve Haug

San Jose, CA.

We needed to raise a little capital for our company and we found The Mars Rising Network. They had a great PPM program and they had investor leads and for a great price.

Robert Nelson

Phx, AZ.

The Mars Rising Network has been very beneficial to my business. They have become a strategic partner now and we provide web solutions work for them and they get us many of their clients. It has been a great business relationship and we now offer their services on our website as well. They have always been honest and make the client their number one priority in service and value.

Brent Ward

Web Marketing , Orange County, CA.

I was searching for patent information and saw the Mars Rising Network on the internet. They had the right price and had the knowledge to finish my paperwork within two weeks. I was in patent pending status within three weeks after that. It is the fastest process I have ever done. I will be using them again in the future and highly recommend them.

William Pierce

Invento, Sacramento, CA.

The Mars Rising Network provided me with their private placement memorandum do it yourself program and I have to say that it is the finest program I have seen. I have seen many others but the depth of the information within the program was very extensive. I can now begin to search for investors and get my project off the ground.

Peter Goloff

Entrepreneur , Houston, TX.

I was searching on the internet and saw the Mars Rising Network. Their pricing and turn around were far superior to any other patent agents out there. When they finished my patent work I found they also designed websites and would help with my marketing on the internet. I will continue to do business with them in the future and definitely recommend them to anyone.

Samuel Goodman

Inventor , Los Angeles, CA.

I purchased a do it yourself PPM and accredited investor leads from the Mars Rising Network and got more than what I paid for. The program is extensive and enabled me to save thousands of dollars and use it towards raising the needed capital for my business. They are also helping me with a new website and internet marketing in the near future. Thanks again.

Gary Howard

Entrepreneur , Phoenix, AZ.

We needed a PPM to raise capital for our new toy product. We saved thousands and used the investor leads the Mars Rising Network provided. They even helped with helping us set up a call center to contact accredited investors. All of this was done for a small fraction of what we thought it would cost. Thanks again and we will use you when we have more products needing patent work.

Tom Harrison

Entrepreneur , Irvine, CA.

The Mars Rising Network does it all. I first talked to them regarding an idea I had and discovered they also built websites and performed SEO work for internet marketing. The cost was very inexpensive and allowed me to put more money into my marketing efforts and it got me on the front page of Google. I will continue to work with them in building my business.

Frank Norman

Entrepreneur , Las Vegas, NV.

After talking to numerous patent attorneys I ran into the Mars Rising Network. They had the experience I was looking for and had a price that was better than Legal Zoom. Their personal attention to my new product was important and they finished the work quickly. I filed a Utility and Design Patent for much less than just one patent with others. I recommend them and would use them again if needed.

John Sherman

Inventor , San Diego, CA

The Mars Rising Network has been a pleasure to work with. Every question was answered in a way that we could understand and never had a lapse of communication through the process. We received all the necessary documents for our patent submission and prepared everything in a very professional manner. We not only did our patent with them but are now building and marketing our new website with them as well. We look forward to our next project and it’s good knowing that the Mars Rising Network will be there when that time comes.

Mike & Angela, Torrance, CA.

I never thought I could afford to file my patent until I found the Mars Rising Network. I purchased their DIY Patent program and received some help as well from the consultation. I saved myself a lot of money and more importantly I was able to bring my idea to life. I would recommend them to everyone that thinks doing your own patent is impossible. They made it possible.

David Clement

Inventor, Long Beach, CA.

When I was searching for a do it yourself patent I saw the Mars Rising Network and placed a call to them. I was surprised by the price and even more surprised at the assistance I received after I purchased their product. It was pretty fast and I am now in patent pending status. I would use their services again and highly recommend them.

Michael Stram

Inventor, Tucson, AZ.

I read the other great reviews about the Mars Rising Network so I decided to give them a call to have them do a search, patent applications, and drawings for me. Not only did their price beat out the competition including Legal Zoom, the service was outstanding and the turnaround time on receiving my patent paperwork was fast and accurate. I am using them for future patent work as well.

Steven Harris

Inventor, Torrance, CA.

Trying to get a loan today is difficult and raising capital can be expensive. I found the Mars Rising Network and they provided a do it yourself PPM that was extremely comprehensive. It included a business plan model, financial model, instructional guide, and was designed so that I could put it together myself. They also had investor leads which hve worked well for my project. This has saved me a ton of money and I can now move forward in raising some capital through investors. Their program has given my new venture real legs.

Scott McDonald

Entrepreneur , Los Angeles, CA.

I highly recommend the patent services of the Mars Rising Network. They did everything they said they would in an efficient and timely manner. I met with a representative after I had unsuccessfully met with two different patent attorneys. They provided me with all the patent application information and forms I needed. They guided me through the procedures and in a short amount of time I received my patent pending information. I will be using them in the future for other patents and they are creating my new website and internet marketing as well. I am happy to be a reference for the Mars Rising Network.

Howard Ecker

Inventor, Yorba Linda, CA.

My cousin and I had a great idea and we found the Mars Rising Network. We needed to file a patent quickly and inexpensively and they met all of our concerns. They helped with the drawings and processed all the paperwork within a week. We are doing an international patent and more patent work with them in the near future as well.

Yousef Hindi

Inventor, Norwalk, CA.

I was talking with an invention submission company and had talked to Legal Zoom about my new invention and a friend told me about the Mars Rising Network. After my conversation with them they had the best price and they could do the work on my utility patent quickly. They did a great job and I am already in patent pending status. I will use their services in the future as well for my next patent.

Daniel Adams

Inventor, Los Angeles, CA.

I found the Mars Rising Network on the internet and after talking to other patent attorneys I realized they had the price and the experience to help me with my new idea. They designed it and did the drawings along with all the paperwork to process a Utility and Design patent. They guaranteed acceptance by the USPTO and they honored that. I am doing more work with them regarding another idea I have and recommend them to all my friends.

Yedidia Shofet

Beverly Hills, CA.

The Mars Rising Network not only did my patent paperwork for me but they also helped design my new product invention. The price was lower than anyone I had talked to so I went with them. I am glad I did because they did the work quickly and their presentation was professional and was quickly accepted by the USPTO and I have a patent pending. I gladly recommend them for patent work.

Jim Turner

Inventor, Las Vegas, NV.

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