About The Invention

The Auto-Deicer is a revolutionary product with a modern and sleek design.  It can be slipped inside your pocket and take it anywhere you go.

Designed and measured to attach on a car surface and with minimal footprint, the Auto-Deicer is the only one on the market that can automatically remove ice from your car without human assistance.  The unit has an LCD screen that allows the user to program the system to their specific requirements such as timing and temperature control.     

The concept of the product is simple.  The Auto-Deicer is an ice removing device that is placed on a metal surface to free specified areas of the automobile from ice and snow.  How it works is ingenious.   It is composed of three major sections; the first component is the cover or the shell that contains the LCD screen on top and the electronic system that includes the remote activation switch, the 3 volt rechargeable battery.  The cover then snaps with the second section called the Ceramic plate. The ceramic plate which contains a thermostatic controlled element via the copper coils that induced the heat on to the ceramic slab that causes the ice or snow to melt.  The copper coils are then link to the third section called the Mica sheet.  The Mica sheet is found between the electronic system and the copper coils.  It prevents the heat from the coil from melting the electronic components.  Embedded in the bottom, within the ceramic plate are thin strips of magnets that allows the unit to attach itself on metal surfaces like on cars.

The Auto-Deicer comes with an app that allows the user to turn on and off the device remotely-giving ease of use for the user.

Automobile owners are the main target market for the Auto-Deicer Device. It is a product that is both a convenient and a necessity.    It is convenient because of its light weight size and it is a necessity due to its importance during winter.   Why scrape the ice with your muscle power when you have the Auto-Deicer that can melt it all?

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About the Inventor

Charles Smith of Broomfield, CO, like so many of us, dreads having to deal with the ice on his car.  What if you could deice it remotely? He devised a solution and it proved to be quite effective. Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design into a commercial product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with him to get this product on the market.   

Charles Smith

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Charles Smith

Phone:  (303) 325-6109

Website:  www.AutoDeicer.com

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