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The Autonomous Wheelchair

The Autonomous Wheelchair is a new invention that will revolutionize how people travel due to disability and age. This innovative device is a type of wheelchair that is technologically advanced in artificial intelligence, LIDAR system pathfinding and motor technology, while boosting comfort of the user in their day to day chores.

All products are meticulously designed for friendly user interface as well as versatility. The Autonomous Wheelchair is intended for use by anyone who are unable to walk due to injury, age and disability – regardless of age, and situation.

How does the Autonomous Wheelchair work? It all comes to the premier part of the invention: the artificial intelligence control system in correlation to the LIDAR system. It is highly intelligent, able to learn architectural layouts using laser learning LIDAR, AIM controls with onboard computer, voice command, able to navigate in 360 degree spins and powered by main drive reversing servo or stepping motors.
The device is constructed with comfort in mind as the main priority. It has telescoping chair to reach counter tops, desks, and cabinets. The chair is a multi-position chair. That means it is a motorized recliner with heavy, soft padding, made with breathable custom durometer foam, urethane and expanded poly. It has an auto folding footrest for ease of sitting and standing, auto locking wheels, safety bumper guards, and a voice command swivel seat. For added ease, it has an automatic self plugging power plug when the unit requires re-charge.

Finally what makes the Autonomous wheelchair special? What makes this technological wonder special is the market. This invention is build for our veterans. It is for the disabled people and the Seniors who require added assistance. Our sales estimate that in the USA and Canada alone around 250,000 people will need some form of personal travel system.


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About the Inventor

Michael Olson

About the Developer

Michael Olson of Sturgeon Bay, WI is an inventor. His patents range from outdoor survival tools to stock portfolio software. The Autonomous Wheelchair idea has grown from watching the growing population of older and disabled seniors and veterans that need a better solution than what is available currently.

He decided to take his idea to the next step and contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional patent application filed. The invention has been thoroughly designed so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a world-wide product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the system for a royalty. 


Michael Olson

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Michael Olson

Phone: (920) 392-5001
Website: www.wheelchairbycommand.com

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