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When there is nothing between you and the other person you are communicating, then you are not safe. Maybe you’re constantly visited by families checking at you?  Maybe your neighbor comes by every day to ask you about your ideas about a certain sports.   There is nothing wrong with a bit of conversation with your friends and families, but it is not something you would encourage in the time of a pandemic.  Why not simply get yourself a barrier and talk with your folks a day long?

The Avoidorona Germ Free Containment Unit is the answer in a world plagued by Covid-19.   

It’s a protective barrier that surrounds the user in a hard transparent plastic made from Polycarbonate or PC. Polycarbonate are a strong group of impact-resistant and heat-resistant plastics.    They are capable of transmitting light as good as glass and far lighter than it. On the door of the Avoidorona Germ Free Containment Unit or GFCU is a rectangular opening that has a window where items such as food and mails can be inserted for the user. For comfort, inside the containment unit the user will find a foldable chair with cozy pads and a foldable table that are attached on the containment walls. The foldable chair is adjustable, allowing the user to raise it as he or she pleases.   When it comes to the working space, the table is large enough for a full desktop computer or as a placement for meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Avoidorona Germ Free Containment Unit is the gift that tells your family that you love them by giving them the power to protect themselves from viruses and bacteria.   The unit can help your grandparents avoid the unnecessary exposures to diseases during parties. It can help a child who has underlining illness from the hazards droplets infections from friends and families.

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About the Inventor

Malchus Waldman

About the Developer

Malchus Waldman, of Brooklyn, NY like most of us has seen the terrible effects of the pandemic. So, he set out to solve the problem and has worked out a very effective solution.  Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined with the hope of turning this great idea into a commercial product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with him to get this product on the market.   

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Malchus Waldman

Phone:  (347) 292-9730

Website: http://www.Avoidorona.com

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