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Bread and butter are cornerstones of many American diets. The age old issue persists, cold butter is not easily spreadable. Uneven, lumpy spreads with way too much butter and/or torn bread are everyday outcomes in kitchens everywhere. If only there was a way…

Introducing the Butter Wand, a device that produces melted butter on demand. Enjoy warm, melted butter, (in the proper proportion) on toast, popcorn, anything the user desires at the push of a button. Simple to use, maintain and clean, the Butter Wand sets a new standard in spreadable real butter.

When off it is stored in the refrigerator. When switched on a blue indicator light illuminates to show “On”. Real butter is housed in a clear chamber and fed into a heater assembly with an easily turnable knob at the top of the device. Once heated, the ready light appears and melted butter is ready to spread at the press of a button. Need more? Repeat! Melted butter in seconds every time!

The Butter Wand breaks down into three main parts, making it very easy to clean and clear of obstructions. The Butter Wand is the end of melted butter mess and hard butter spreading frustrations everywhere!

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About the Inventor

The inventor, Marc Buckhantz is from Eugene, OR. For years frustrated by trying to spread unspreadable cold butter, he came up with a simple and effective solution. Buoyed by decades in restaurant marketing and with the guidance and assistance of the Mars Rising Network, Marc filed a provisional patent application and designed the invention to bring the Butter Wand from concept to reality.

He is actively seeking the company that can best reach all the potential target markets to which the Butter Wand will appeal, to license the product for a royalty.         

Marc Buckhantz

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Marc Buckhantz

Phone: (310) 877-5457

Website: www.MeltButterNow.com

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