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Introducing the C2-Sling Pro™

The C2-Sling Pro™ is a novel crossbody sling that features a 1 sided adjustable and detachable shoulder harness strap for any on the go active male. This secure yet fashionable Sling Carry will allow any small personal items to be stored securely and stylishly on your person. It safely stores any small personal items such as a cell phone, keys, money, wallet, passport etc. It can be worn during normal daily activities ranging from errands, the casual work environment, walking, hiking, jogging, cycling or to the gym during a vigorous workout session catering to the athletic male. The adjustable back and padded shoulder and under arm pit straps will allow for a custom universal comfortable fit for all sizes.

The premier targeted audience for the C2-Sling Pro™ would be any active on the go male young or old. This cleverly and uniquely designed body sling will allow any small personal items to be stored safely and securely to the front of your body. This innovatively styled curved frontal design is anti-theft for potential pick pockets and or grab and dash thief. The sling features a soft padded backing and several small frontal compartments that vary in style from secured Velcro and Zipper style pockets. The C2-Sling Pro™ is the ideal personal item carrier for those that are not into bulky backpacks or outdated fanny packs while traveling or performing daily activities.

The C2-Sling Pro is unlike any other Crossbody Sling currently on the market. Current cross body frontal slings being sold are all straight edged and don’t o er the adjustable/detachable shoulder harness. The C2-Sling ProTM has a sloping curvaceous frontal design and detachable shoulder harness making it one of a kind. This novel and elegantly crafted design is in a class and style all its own, making it undeniably unique.

This light weight and high quality made product is a simple and eye-catching way to carry your personal items daily. Whether traveling around town or around the world, this Crossbody Sling offers a stylish and safe way to carry your most important daily items.

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About the Inventor

Broderick R. Carter
C2-Sling Pro™

The inventor, Broderick R. Carter of Sherman Oaks, CA had an idea for active males looking for a safe, stylish way to carry around valuables and devices. Broderick contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional and design patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.

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C2-Sling Pro™
Broderick R. Carter

Sherman Oaks, CA

Phone: 818-292-3397

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