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The Compost Collector provides a new, cleaner method for collecting and storing compost indoors. Made from recycled cardboard with an environmentally safe coating, the Compost Collector locks in moisture to prevent leakage. The Compost Collector also features a tightly fitted lid with a carbon filter to keep your home smelling fresh.

While the Compost Collector can be used as a standalone, disposable countertop collector of compost, it also replaces the flimsy liners for existing composting units. When the product is full, simply secure the lid and dispose of the entire product into your outdoor bin for collection. The tightly fitted lid will keep your outdoor bin clean and block odors to keep from attracting animals. The product will remain sturdy during home use and will decompose completely once disposed of.

The Compost Collector comes in different sizes, shapes, and color patterns to fit all your needs as well as fit in with various kitchen designs. Choose from different prints, which only use natural dyes, to fit any kitchen aesthetic. Even kids will love the different color options, getting them interested in good composting habits. There are even instructions on what goes into the Compost Collector to help educate them.

The Compost Collector was designed for use in communities where compost is picked up regularly by local agencies. This trend is rapidly spreading across the country as local governments work to better the environment. While these services are not yet available everywhere, the ease of use of the Compost Collector will attract households who have been thinking of composting. The Compost Collector makes home composting easy and accessible for everyone.

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About the Inventor

Michelle and her family live in San Francisco, CA – the greenest city in the US – having three (3) garbage bins, separating has always been our way since we have been required to compost and recycle here for many years. One night in 2017, while cleaning up after making dinner for her family and faced once again with taking the nasty bag downstairs to the garage, Michelle came up with the idea for the Compost Collector.

A device that is – itself – compostable. A device that will not break, rip, leak, or smell.  A device that can sit on the kitchen counter for a few days and fill up before being tossed in the larger compost bin. And when it does get tossed into the larger compost bin, will not open and splatter making a mess there too.    

Michelle L. Horneff-Cohen

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Michelle L. Horneff-Cohen

Phone:  (415) 269-8803

Website: www.cleancomposting.com

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