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The Cool Heads System For Hard Helmets

The Cool Heads system is the perfect device to keep you cool from this summer on. It was specifically designed to cool off any one who has to wear a helmet, hard hat, or mask. Heat is a big issue in some places, add a hard hat to that and heat becomes worse. With the extra heat it can give people heat exhaustion or make them light headed.
The device has dual fans on both sides so that airflow circulates to your face and to the back of your head simultaneously cooling off the hottest areas of your head when wearing head gear. The device is very versatile. It comes with an adhesive mounting bracket for hard hats, but it comes with two durable clips that can be used to attach any straps that your particular head gear may use; making it a perfect device for a welding helmet. Welding helmets, for example, has the ability to connect to the straps that are located in the interior of the helmet.
All-in-all this easy to use and simplistic device that tackles a comfort problem which cannot be ignored. With this product you can comfortably preform your tasks without the negative effects of extreme heat and stuffiness becoming a problematic factor. Using the Cool Heads Fan will ensure that even in the most heated situations you’ll be cool. This product would be low cost on the retail shelf and could sell in any big box, and specialty, stores making it a high volume sales product.

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Cool Heads System
Cool Heads System
Cool Heads System
Cool Heads System
Cool Heads System
Cool Heads System

About the Inventor

Ross Damon
“Cool Heads”

The inventor, Ross Damon lives in East Hampstead New Hampshire and had an idea for a better way to keep your head cool in construction work. Ross contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional and design patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product.

Ross Damon - Inventor

Ross Damon

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Cool Heads

East Hampstead, NH. 03826

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