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Benjamin Spencer’s Elite Target System is the ultimate target system a shooter didn’t know they needed. This system allows shooters to also be independent of shooting ranges and can carry with them wherever they need it.

The system is designed with the base being a shoe size-shaped steel box that houses electrical components as well as a solar panel on the back side to keep accessories charged. On the front side of the box is attached an AR400 steel plate to protect housing and components when shooting.

The bottom sides of the box housing would come with optional steel anchors to set in place into the ground for extra stability. On top of the housing box sits a camera attached to the front end, angled 45 degrees to look up at targets via Bluetooth with the shooter’s phone. On each side, on top of the box housing sits 2 lights facing the target that triggers when the shooter gets a hit on the target. On top on the back end of the box housing is the target resettable arm and paddle assembly with vertical box housing.

In front of the target arm is an AR400 steel plate to protect the arm post. For this function, the shooter would shoot at a target from 300 yards max distance or closer. The custom target would have a 1-3 inch diameter hole that the shooter would fire through to hit the paddle located behind the hole.

The target system would also come with additional target shooting options sold separately. Ben knows this would be a shooter’s dream come true.

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Benjamin Spencer

About the Developer

I love shooting, and I love shooting reactive targets. As a match director of competitions that use pull-to-reset targets, I found myself thinking, “There has to be a better way.” Managing the ropes and reels outside of a match was hassle enough, not to mention the logistics of keeping them from getting tangled and functioning properly during a match. Thus was born the Elite Target System.

Benjamin Spencer

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Benjamin Spencer

Phone:  (480) 694-6973

Website: www.elitetargetsystem.com

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