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Eternal Flora™

Gone are the days of buying flowers only to have to throw them in the trash days later! The Eternal Flora™ is a new system that not only keeps flowers fresher many times longer, it showcases them in a beautiful case. The case light lights up and can be easily transported to a remote location without an inconvenient cord because of its built-in batteries.

This device is intended to help keep cut flowers in a suspended state similar to their appearance when fresh cut. It works by keeping the flowers sealed in an oil filled dome. Once inserted into the glass dome and sealed, the dome is lowered into the base and the bottom lid closes holding it inside. On the bottom lid there is an array of LEDs that can be controlled with a remote and can be changed to many different colors.

The dome is dry originally and the flower is attached to the clip on the bottom of the transparent lid. The lid with the flower are screwed on to the dome/glass. Once the lid is on, the oil is added and the excess air is removed. The dome, flower are then inserted and locked into the base and turned over. The base holds batteries and can powered by AC current or the charged batteries for remote viewing.

The Eternal Flora™ is perfect for intimate restaurant tables, mantles, desks and any- where people want to appreciate the beauty of flowers for extended periods of time with- out the risk of insects or cleanup associated with the dying flowers.

Choosing the perfect tiger lilly, rose, orchid, etc. at a flower shop can be longer, much more enjoyable experience.

The Eternal Flora™, soon to be seen in flower shops, restaurants and homes, everywhere!

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About the Inventor

Michael Bun

The inventor, Michael Bun of Long Beach, CA found it frustrating that flowers are so ephemeral. He came up with an idea to keep them looking like new much longer. Michael contacted the Mars Rising Network and filed for a provisional and design patent application to insure the invention is designed properly so he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty or outright patent sale.

Michael Bun

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Michael Bun

Long Beach, CA

Phone: 562-388-5734
Website: eternal-flora.com

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