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Joshua’s Fire Vent is not just your ordinary fireplace heat shield. This Fire Vent allows the home owner to pull in air rising up towards the mantle and disperse the warm air back out into the room so heat is felt faster, especially those who have vaulted ceilings. This will be a more cost effective way to get more effciency out of whatever heat source your home may have whether it’s wood burning, vented, or non vented gas logs.

The Fire Vent is constructed with a black metal base housing design 36” inches in length and 4” inches in height. Inside the metal housing would contain the thermostat sensor which will monitor heat temp. In the back of the vent housing would be the crossflow fan. The fan activates when the thermostat sensor reaches target heat temp. The crossflow fan begins to pull in rising warm air from a rectangle opening located right below the fan. That warm air is then pushed out into the room providing heat even faster.

The Fire Vent will also have the capability to adjust from a 6” inch width to 10” inches depending on the width of your mantle. Having the ability to fit just about most fireplace mantles. On the outside corners of the Fire Vent will also be 4 predrilled holes, 1 on each corner so the owner has the ability to screw their Fire Vent to the mantle. Joshua says instead of deflecting heat why not capture the heat before it rises and make it more useful? This I believe would raise the efficiency of a wood-burning fireplace greatly.

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Joshua Thigpen

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This invention came about from many years of watching my dad run his business as a Chimney Sweep, helping him when I became old enough to now working with him. I started seeing and learning more about the efficiency factors between wood-burning fireplaces, stoves, and vented or no-vented gas logs. For nearly 30 years of my dad working as a Chimney Sweep and me working alongside him, I’ve learned that if you want to use burning wood as your main heat source you should use a stove or insert. Some people love the look of a fireplace and prefer them over the stoves not to mention stoves and inserts can become very expensive and not in everyone’s budget.

Joshua Thigpen

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Joshua Thigpen

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