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We have seen it on the news, a parent or grandparent has a baby in the car and they forget the baby is there. This is still a huge problem that needs to be addressed in this day and age. No one intends to leave their child in the car or thinks they will ever do it until its too late. All it takes is a split second distraction for you to forget a sleeping baby in the backseat. God forbid it’s on a 100 degree day. 

This is where the Forget-Me-Not comes in. This simple device reminds us the moment we open the car door when we arrive. 

It is a device in the shape of a flower (Forget Me Not flower) with the stem “base” that clips into the car vent. The flower head detaches and sits on the driver side window. It connects to the driver-side window with a suction cup on the back. It acts as a visual reminder to the parents. If the flower is not restored to the stem or base (once you reach your destination), the cord that connects the two (flower head and stem) will detach once the car doors open and an alarm will remind the parent with a loud  audible beeping sound. 

The device is simple, made from silicone and plastic and powered by a small circuit board and battery.

Other products alert you once you are 15 ft away from the car from your key fob. Unfortunately  people throw their keys in the diaper bag or coat pocket and may not hear it. The Forget-Me-Not sounds from within the car right in front of the driver so you are unable to ignore it before you get out of the car.

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About the Inventor

Emily Hossann

About the Developer

Emily Hossann of Sparrow Bush, NY, like most of us has heard of the horrors of leaving a child in a car. It happens too often and can happen to anyone. So she set out to solve the problem and has worked out a very effective solution.  Working with Mars Rising Network, she had the invention refined with the hope of turning this great idea into a commercial product.

She is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with her to get this product on the market.   

Emily Hossann

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Emily Hossann

Phone: (781) 733-4519

Website: www.ForgetMeNotAlarm.com

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