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Hair care is big business. People love working with their hair. Coloring it, styling, gels, you name it. What if you could combine styling and release a beautiful fragrance simultaneously? 

Introducing the TC Electronic Comb system.

 It does just than and more, it also adds an LED light show. 

The TC Electronic Fragrance Picks, Combs and Brushes are made with electronics built-in. By pressing a button, the built-in motor dispenses the fragrance from the rechargeable cartridge. This also triggers the LED lights that cycle through the programmable patterns. One click gives you the LED lights and two quick clicks adds the fragrance (as you won’t always need this). 

In the handle for each type of brush is the USB charger connection with can also be connected to the software on a computer for changing the light patterns. The USB will charge the built-in battery. 

The fragrances come in many different options that can be changed and replaced via the channel in the upper handle.  The nozzle is stainless steel and is strategically placed in the middle of each type of brush. 

The fragrances are intended to be more than just typical perfumes, which can contain a lot of alcohol.  The purpose is to also to scent the hair without damaging it. This is why the special fragrances will be designed to help keep hair heathy also.  

According to statista.com, in 2018, the global hair care market is estimated to be worth about 87.9 billion U.S. dollars.

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About the Inventor

Sheldon Flores

About the Developer

Sheldon Flores of Portland, OR, thought hey what if you could add a great scent while combing and add a little pizzazz with some lights as well?  He came up with a solution and created a simple prototype and it was very popular. 

Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined with the hope of turning this great idea into a commercial product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with him to get this product on the market.   

Sheldon Flores

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Sheldon Flores

Phone: (602) 599-1397
Website: www.FragrancePicks.com

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