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The Highchair EZ Cover

The Highchair EZ Cover is a disposable product meant for keeping Baby High Chairs clean and protecting babies from prior grime.  It comes folded in an easy to carry package. Once at a location such as a restaurant, it is unfolded, laid into the high chair and the tabs are wrapped around the wooden arms, back and front restraining bar. The tabs have tape or Velcro that keeps them attached.  The baby is then put into the chair through the top and the legs go into precut holes in the liner.   The liner also protects the strap in the front that is connected to the restrainer bar from grime as well.  

The only product similar on the market are large padded cloth liners which are unwieldy and get dirty easily and are not easy to clean. The Highchair EZ Cover solves several issues. 

It is thin and easy to transport (Several of this product  can be carried in a reusable bag). 

It keeps clean all of the parts of the highchair that usually get the messiest.  

Most importantly, it protects the baby from germs that may be on the highchair from previous uses (and no one wants a sick baby!). 

This will quickly be a standard accessory in most family carry bags for those that have babies. They take so little space that they can be left in all the time whether dining out or not. 

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About the Inventor

Kacie and Tyler Pogue

About the Developers

Kacie and Tyler Pogue know from experience the difficulty of having infants/small children out dining.  They thought there must be a better solution for keeping babies safe from germs and containing the mess. There wasn’t a solution so they created one!  They then contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional patent application filed.

Working with Mars Rising Network, they had the invention designed and refined with the hope of turning this great idea into a commercial product. They are actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with them to get this product on the market.  

Kacie Pogue

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Kacie Pogue

Phone: (903) 715-0672
Website: www.HighchairEZCover.com

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