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If you own a hot tub, you will know after years of maintenance that cleaning requires ingenuity and hard work. You can use a siphon hose or a vacuum pump and maybe pinch it with your fingers to pick up the sediments in between, but that would be time-consuming. The one thing that most owners ask is what would be the easiest way to clean it.

Sediment build-up plagues every Hot tub owner. The accumulation often is caused by sediments being carried into the floor by frequent exits and re-entry into the tub. In an outdoor hot tub, these sediments are too heavy to be removed by the filter system.

The Hot Tub Easy Clean is the invention that all hot tub owners are waiting for. It is simple to use. You remove the colorful turtle from the top and squeeze the bulb. The squeezing action pulls up all the sediment into the tub.

To discard the siphoned debris, squeeze the bulb onto the ground or in a container. For an added feature, there is a temperature gauge inside the pipette to help you monitor the tub’s temperature before entering.

When it comes to marketing, Hot Tub Easy Clean is a product that every home should have. It is compact, decorative, affordable, and a necessity. You can use Hot Tub Easy Clean to clean up the heavy sediment accumulation in indoor and outdoor tubs.

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About the Inventor

Dean Vest from Linn, MO, invented an efficient way to remove heavy sediment while cleaning his hot tub. Dean contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional and design patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty. Working with Mars Rising Network, this essential new design concept was refined and prepared to be presented as a commercial product.

Dean Vest

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Dean Vest

Phone: (573) 480-0185

Website: www.HotTubEasyClean.com

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