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The Laser Tape Measure & Level is a one of a kind industrial pocket tool.

The Laser Level Stud Finder is sure to be one of the most valuable tools you’ll have on the job site. This 3-in-one device combines the laser level, distance measure and stud finder all together to make an extremely handy tool. You’ll reduce the size of your toolbox as soon as you introduce this powerful item.

This device has an LCD screen, 4 oppositely directed lasers and a stud finder built in to help you combine three separate tasks into one in an instant. The lasers take the lion’s share of the work by identifying the distance of any wall that is in its specific direction and also acting as a level to help you visually determine if an object is level or not.

The four separate values on the screen represent the distance from the wall/ceiling/floor. The line and dot symbols indicate whether or not a stud has been located. The solid and dashed lines represent whether the surface is level. If no dashed line appears and only the solid line is present then the surface is completely level. If it is the opposite then the degree of off balance will be shown by the way the solid and dashed lines intersect. There is also an audio switch that sonically informs you of the density of the surface and stud location.

To help make this device as versatile as possible, it also features a completely flat back and bottom surface and a tapered hole near the top of the device. The tapered hole and flat back and side grant you the ability to mount the device to any surface or tripod so that your tasks are that much easier. Add the Laser Level Stud Finder to your toolkit. It’s guaranteed to find the right spot! This product would be low cost on the retail shelf and could sell in any big box, and specialty, stores making it a high volume sales product.

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The Laser Tape Measure
The Laser Tape Measure
The Laser Tape Measure
The Laser Tape Measure
The Laser Tape Measure
The Laser Tape Measure

About the Inventor

Wayne Smith
“The Laser Tape Measure”

The inventor, Wayne Smith Lives in Reno, Nevada and had an idea for a better Tape Measure and Level. Wayne contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional and design patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.

Wayne Smith

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The Laser Tape Measure

Reno, NV. 89511

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