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The Laundry Helper is just that, here to help you get your laundry! Specially designed to bring ease to the process of lifting and transferring laundry in and out of the washer and dryer, our patented technology has you in mind first. The flexible top ring is easy to grab and disperses weight of wet laundry evenly between hands while our Velcro opening makes it easy to get clothes in and out of the bag, no more wet zippers. Our patented ring technology is designed to twirl wet laundry up and out of top loading washers, when grabbed with two hands the bottom will spin, helping you lift the bag up and out! While this design has top loading washers in mind, our Laundry Helper fits in all types of washers and dryers. 

The Laundry Helper is easy to use. Simply open the Velcro tab and add your clothes, our tear-drop shaped mesh bag will disperse your clothes evenly as the washer fills with water. Be sure to leave 5” or a hand width of space from the top of your clothes to the ring, this prevents over packing and manages the final weight of your wet clothes. 

The Laundry Helper is here to make the experience of doing laundry easier. The top ring or handle can be grabbed with one hand, however for the optimal weight distribution, we recommend using two hands on either side of the ring when lifting. To take advantage of our twirl and lift technology simply rotate the ring 180 degrees to the right or left before lifting. We use the natural vertical vortex that your lift creates to slightly spin the bag and ease the weight of wet laundry. Our flexible rubber handle is washer and dryer safe.

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About the Inventor

Kareem Awada is an inventor and always looking for ways to improve things for all of us.  He saw that removing laundry was a difficult chore for many. He came up with a easier solution and worked up a prototype idea.  Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design initial product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with him to get this product on the market.   

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Kareem Awada

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