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About the Invention

Comfort Safety Mittens are an innovative design that provides comfort to patients in the ICU, long term care facilities, and nursing homes.  It’s humble beginning started during the Covid 19 pandemic. The inventor, a Respiratory Therapist, saw the need for something that could provide comfort to those who were suffering and even dying from Covid 19. He saw the sad reality of the patients who had no family members visiting them. No gentle touch or a hand to hold.  So, the idea of the Comfort Safety Mittens was born.

Comfort Safety Mittens are placed over the hands or worn by the patient, like a glove. It’s soft cushion-like material is made from memory foam.  The device is comfortably and safely secured to the patient’s wrist with Velcro. It can be beneficial as a form of protection to deter unsettled patient’s from pulling on their IVs, peg tubes, breathing tubes, NG tubes or scratching themselves.  The special design helps alleviate the claustrophobic feeling of being too bound up as their fingers are exposed.  In addition, Comfort Safety Mittens provide  a sense like someone holding their hands which can be quite soothing.  This feature is unique only to Comfort Safety Mittens. 

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About the Inventor

Kevin Ramoutar from Oceanport, NJ, is an authority in the medical field and has cared for countless patients. The idea for Comfort Safety Mittens struck him while working during the Covid 19 pandemic. He noticed the loneliness that seemed to envelop the patients and wanted to help.  Working with Mars Rising Network, this essential new design concept was refined and prepared to be presented as a commercial product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with him to get this patent-pending product into the marketplace.  

Kevin Ramoutar

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