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Mop buckets can be a disaster waiting to happen as we have no real means of controlling the mop handle. When not directly in use, the mop handle has nothing to securely hold it up. This requires leaning it against a wall (if available) or simply letting if fall over onto the floor.  This obviously enables a dangerous situation. 

Today, the only mop buckets that provide a secure holding of the mop are of the industrial size. Thus, the household has no real good answer for the above. The cost and size of the industrial mop buckets prevents the use in the household.

The Mop Handle Restrainer solves these issues and more. It will allow easy storage of the mop during use and during storage to remain with the bucket of choice. 


The device will be able to accommodate any number of bucket shapes, and sizes from grocery store buckets to large “pickle buckets”. This will allow the user to have the mop and bucket at their side, rather than one of these being across the room. 

In an effort to avoid tipping and spilling of the mop bucket, a slip on device will slide over the bucket edge and sit on top of the rim. During the task of mopping at the idle state, the mop handle will engage the added vertical support holding the mop handle in place and vertical orientation. This will provide a safe location to avoid the handle being hit and causing the bucket spill. This devise can be placed at any location of the bucket rim and secured with the tension knob.

This device is intended to be secured onto a mop bucket to hold a mop handle in a vertical position. Unsecured mop handles have a propensity to fall over onto the floor causing a tripping hazard. 

Once attached to the side of a bucket, a mop handle can be inserted into the cavity to hold it vertically. It passes by a lever which is spring loaded and can easily pass into the cavity. Once in, the handle can’t escape unless the lever is manually held open. 

The enclosed area of the upper cavity is big enough for mop handles up to 1” in diameter and the lever can still be opened and the handle can pass through. 

The Mop Handle Restrainer allows mop buckets to now be used safely and easily, whether in the home or industrial setting.

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About the Inventor

Keith Alwardt of Hartford, WI is an inventor and always looking for ways to improve things.  One of these things is definitely safety and mop buckets are a clear target. He came up with a safer solution and worked up a prototype idea.  Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design initial product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.


Keith Alwardt

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Keith Alwardt

Phone:  (262) 388-2169

Website: www.kaproducts.design

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