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The Pouring Spout

The Pouring Spout is a revolutionary invention for the difficult world of pouring the heavy liquid detergent into the washer. This invention will allow people who have arthritis, the elderly and upper arm disability the necessary equipment to funnel the liquid detergent from the detergent container to the washer with ease.

     The Pouring Spout is an innovative new device that is made of seven parts; the Pouring Spout head, the trigger, pump, main tube, the middle tube, spout opening and the connector.  The Pouring Spout head is made from professional plastic material for strength and durability, a trigger to push the liquid detergent out to the spout opening, a lightweight plastic pump that add pressure to the liquid detergent to go up the Pouring Spout head, system of tubes to hold the liquid and a Connector that attaches to the detergent bottle or container.

    As every person knows that lifting a large jug of liquid detergent is a strenuous process, but with the use of the Pouring Spout the difficulty of pouring the detergent to the washer can be reduced.   The way the Pouring Spout work is overwhelmingly simple.  You connect the Connector to the detergent container opening and then twist it to lock.  The Connector will prevent the liquid detergent from spilling. The next step is to drag the Pouring Spout head to the washer.  

With the Pouring Spout head over the liquid detergent tub of the washer grip on the trigger a few times to allow air in the tube systems which will then followed by the liquid detergent going in and out to the Spout opening. The Pouring Spout will help you transfer the detergent without breaking your back.  It is a product that will last for many years.  So why not buy one today and save the hassle of back pains.

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About the Inventor

Tina Zartman

About the Developer

Tina Zartman of La Pine, OR saw a better way to make life a little easier. Struggling repeatedly like millions of others to raise a heavy detergent bottle, she wondered why not just use gravity and a little ingenuity? 

She put together a prototype and contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that she may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product.

She is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the system for a royalty.

Tina Zartman

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Tina Zartman

Phone: (541) 408-2417

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