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The SmartBuoy is a design patent invented by Tarkan Bastiyali to make mooring much easier for boaters. This buoy is reserved through a phone app directly connected to the operation and reservation of the product. The boaters can go online through the app and purchase reservation set times to use the buoy of his/her location preference.

Once reserving the buoy, the boater travels to the specified buoy and will find a keypad on the boat hook pole, which is already inserted into the buoy itself. The boater receives a 3 digit code on his phone after reserving the buoy, which the boater then types this code into the keypad on the pole. After entering the 3 digit code, the boater then turns the boat pole clockwise, which unlocks the cap and rope housed inside the buoy. The boater then pulls up on the pole that now is attached a cap with rope and loop. He uses this retractable rope and loop to connect to his own boat, ensuring a safe mooring experience at sea.

This product is an innovative and time-saving one. Boaters save time and money by reserving the SmartBuoy. The SmartBuoy has 3 recessed lights – yellow yield light indicating 30 more minutes until time ends with buoy; red light indicating time is up; green light indicating this buoy is reserved and ready for the boater’s use. Also on the buoy is a solar panel, which powers the lights. Inside the buoy is a retractable rope with loop at top connected to a cap. Above this is the boat hook pole that is stationary until the buoy is reserved.

The SmartBuoy is an excellent product for the busy boat enthusiast and a very innovative product, ensuring that every boater can have a great mooring experience at sea.

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Tarkan Bastiyali

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Tarkan Bastiyali, is a successful entrepreneur in New York City. He is always on the lookout for new ways to improve through the use of technology. He believes the moving Hologram Advertisement can change the way we communicate with marketing. He contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the system for a royalty.

His other inventions include apps for reservations and location and products that prevent teens from texting while driving.    

Tarkan Bastiyali

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Tarkan Bastiyali

Phone: (917) 576-6206
Website: www.bastiyaliinventions.com

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