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The Rollmor Dispenser holds a standard size tissue paper roll, allowing easy access to tissue paper at any time, The Rollmor Dispenser is designed to be used in any room.

Using the Rollmor Dispenser is a breeze! Just lift the cover, place a tissue paper roll down the tapered center cylinder, hang a portion of the tissue paper over the side, then close the lid.

So simple and cost effective! The internal carousel will spin as you pull to allow for a smooth dispensing. When you have the desired amount, just tear and go! Rather than spending money on several boxes of tissue, the Rollmor Dispenser is a solution, saving you time and money. 

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About the Inventor

Being conservative – by only taking what you need, Thinking simple – so as not to complicate things; these are the concepts we lived by as a Miwok Indian family living in a California gold rush town. With these concepts in mind, Jeri Scrambler and The Mars Rising Network present Rolmor Dispenser. Offering a simple household product that replaces buying several boxes of tissue. Best of all, design options are endless! 10% of the proceeds will go to the non-profit, Traditional Cultural Protection and Advancement, Inc. (TCP&A), promoting cultural understanding in our communities. 

She is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with her to get this product on the market.

Jeri Scambler

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Jeri Scambler

Phone:  (916) 546-6278

Website:  www.rollmortissue.com

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