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There have been countless times over my 25+ years of riding when the need to communicate between riders was either dangerous or just not possible. This device offers highly visible LED’s for quick and safe communications. In addition, eliminating expensive audible equipment and requiring the use of a helmet.

This device allows motorcycle riders in a group to communicate in a safe, quick, and efficient manner using different colored lights to represent different types of messages. For example, the red light would indicate an emergency, the orange light would indicate the need to get gas, the blue light would indicate finding a restroom, and the yellow light would indicate pulling over somewhere soon. All riders in the group would have a synced device.

When a rider presses a button, the light will blink on all riders’ devices. The group leader would press the blinking button, which would stay in the lit position, indicating he had acknowledged the message and begun to take action. The button can be pressed a third time to turn it off.

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About the Inventor

Chris Hernandez from Monroe, MI, invented a safe way to communicate between riders. Chris contacted the Mars Rising Network to assist her with turning her great idea concept to be presented as a commercial product. She has a provisional and design patent pending and is actively seeking a company that would have interest in licensing the product for a royalty. Working with Mars Rising Network, this essential new design concept was refined and prepared to be presented as a commercial product.

Chris Hernandez

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Chris Hernandez

Phone: (734) 735-1381

Website: www.safesimons.com

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