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Introducing Sea-Vault™

The Sea Vault™ is a Personal Floating Storage Device. Its purpose is to allow you to keep valuables with you while you swim. It consists of two spheres: an inner sphere (the storage sphere), and an outer sphere. In between the inner sphere is the storage sphere which is hollow. In between the inner sphere and the outer sphere, there is the Urethane foam (same that buoys use to keep a oat), this makes the device floatable and unsinkable.

The outer sphere is covered by NBR rubber which serves as protection and increases grip. In the center cavity is where personal items can be placed (cell phones, wallets, keys, etc.).

The Sea Vault™ has a double locking mechanism that protects valuables from water and shocks. An elastic rope is attached to one side of the sphere, which can connect to the owner’s wrist. The purpose is to keep the sphere close to you, and the elastic rope will make it possible for you to swim with the minimum amount of inconvenience. This gives beach-goers peace of mind as they do not need to worry about their personal belongings being stolen while they are in the water.

The dangers of leaving your valuables behind when going to the beach are well documented. For those people that often go to the beach, they might relate to the mini heart attack that you would get when you turn around towards the shore to see where your stuff is and wonder where it went until you then find it.

Single parents that go to the beach avoid getting in the water for fear that someone might steal their belongings, specially since they are with their kids, which makes the experience even worse. Those who have lost their wallet before, know how inconvenient this can be, so imagine also losing your cellphone and maybe even your keys.

Tourists that travel abroad also face this problem. When they go to the hotel pool/ beach, they do not know if they should bring their valuables for fear of having them stolen. People should not cease to bring with them the belongings they wish to, out of fear. This invention helps people have a peace of mind whether it is at the community pool, the river in the countryside or the beach in the Caribbean.

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About the Inventor

Johnny E. Collado

The inventor, Johnny E. Collado of Coconut Creek, FL had an idea to provide peace of mind while swimming when you have valuables, what if you could take them with you? Johnny contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional and design patent application led and had the invention designed properly so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.

Johnny E. Collado

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Johnny E. Collado

Coconut Creek, FL

Phone: 561-703-9720
Website: sea-vault.com

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