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The SmartSafe is a revolutionary anti-texting device, which is to be used in place of a car’s center console. This device is aimed at teenage drivers, who are known to text much of the time either in a car or elsewhere. This product eliminates texting altogether by offering a housing feature for a smartphone, iWatch and Google glasses, while the driver is operating a vehicle. In addition to the anti-texting feature of the SmartSafe, this safe does much more, in that it houses a USB charging unit for the smartphone, a sunglasses holder, wallet holder, is equipped with colored LED light strips for a fun ambience within the safe; infrared lights on the left and right walls of the unit inside. 

The SmartSafe has 2 falcon wings with soundproof padding underneath, to keep the safe free of noises that come from within, that may distract the driver, such as text alerts or music sounding off.

The text button on the safe allows the driver to speak text messages if necessary for safety, or to alert his/her parents of an emergence or accident. The text button also verifies that the driver’s smart phone is indeed registered to the particular SmartSafe in use. This safe comprises 3 cigarette sockets, in which 3 different items are inserted and powered by—an Amazon Alexa Garmin device, Glade freshener, and transmitter. All 3 of these items assist the driver on several levels- to aid in non text behavior such as speaking to the Amazon Alexa and asking questions that the Garmin Speak will answer back, such as driving directions or other necessary inquiries; a Glade freshener to provide fragrance to the driver’s experience; and a transmitter that can sense the driver’s house is near and can automate within the house a nice ambiance for the driver once he/she enters the house. These ambiances are: Dimmed lighting, electrical candle activation, sound system activation, teakettle activation, propane fireplace activation, and alarm system notification. Also, the transmitter will notify police in the event of a crash or accident in the car. 

The SmartSafe is an extremely innovative product and feature for automobiles, in that it’s sole purpose is to prevent unnecessary texting while driving, but yet serves to create a fun experience for techno savvy folks who value driving with technology driven devices, but want to keep these devices separate from their needed safety while driving a car.

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About the Inventor

Tarkan Bastiyali

About the Developer

Tarkan Bastiyali, is a successful entrepreneur in New York City. He is always on the lookout for new ways to improve through the use of technology. He believes the moving Hologram Advertisement can change the way we communicate with marketing. He contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the system for a royalty.

His other inventions include apps for reservations and location and unique advertising signage. 


Tarkan Bastiyali

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Tarkan Bastiyali

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