About the Invention

Mara’s Spin N Chase cat toy was designed to give cats the ultimate play time experience. The design is small, and pocket sized with the main component being a plastic hollow dome shape with 3 rectangles extruding from the sides. Those rectangles house bristles that stick out for the cat to play with. Centered on top of the dome sits a small plastic cylinder that can hold any of the toy accessories that come with it. Toy accessories being a lizard, frog, and mouse to choose from.

The idea came about when Mara was using one of the robot vacuums one day. When vacuuming she looked down to see one of her cats playing with something and looked to be having a good time. After investigation she realized it was one of the pieces from the vacuum. She was excited to see how much her cat loved that broken vacuum accessory and instantly had an idea. After seeing how much her cat loved playing with those bristles, she decided to glue them in place so the cats could play with it without it falling apart. Mara later decided she wanted to add another touch to it and thought it would be a good idea for the toy to have the option to hold a lizard, frog, and mouse on top to make it more attractive to the cat and owner. Mara said her cats love to spin it with their paws and chase after it, hence the product name. She said it’s all her cat’s favorite toy now.

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About the Inventor

Mara is a proud cat owner and also owner of a pet sitting business. Her true loves are pets and people. What a way to enjoy life. The cat toy idea came about one day when vacuuming the house and noticed her cat playing with a broken piece from the vacuum. She watched her cat have such a great time with it that an idea grew and she decided to build up a complete prototype for her cats to test out. After letting her cats play with the newly built toy, she says they love it! It’s currently all of her cats new favorite toy. She figured if her cats love it, every other cat would as well. Mara is ready to get this in the hands of every cat owner and in the mouths and paws of every cat.

Mara Gilson

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