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Introducing the Stun-Glove™

Introducing the Stun-Glove™. It’s normal to feel uneasy when you walk alone, or if you are at a store, with children, have headphones in, or especially when you are getting in or out of a car or bus. For this reason, the Stun-Glove™ was invented! Always feel ensured and protected with this ingenious invention. It’s the most convenient method of self defense ever. It’s always right there when you need it and totally discreet and of course more practical and readily available than most methods of self defense. Mace can easily be grabbed from your hand, knives can be deadly if you are not seriously trained, and rape whistles do nothing to actually stop the perpetrator. Stun them with the spikes and immediately bring authorities to your location to further assist you.

The features of the Stun-Glove™ are what makes it so unique.

The glove has two stun gun probes on the first two knuckles to immediately immobilize an attacker. The glove is made of a comfortable non-conductive cloth to keep you safe from the electricity of the stun gun. The glove also features a red button that activates a GPS locator inside the glove to immediately call authorities, not only disabling the attacker, but also getting help to you right away to your exact location. This is particularly useful in odd places like parking lots or alleyways if you happen to find yourself in that unfortunate situation.

With the help of this device, it’s so easy to be more confident in your independence and ability to defend yourself. You’ll be amazed at how liberating it is to feel as though you are always safe in a world full of crime. Errands, traveling, even shopping alone or with loved ones will feel like a breeze with your Stun-Glove™. Take your safety into your own hands with the Stun-Glove™.

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About the Inventor

Amelia B. Lake

The inventors, Amelia & Claudine of Portland, OR had an idea to help protect women and children while outside or in areas in which they would be vulnerable. Amelia contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional and design patent application filed and had the invention designed properly so that she may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. She is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.

Amelia B. Lake

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Amelia B. Lake

Portland, OR

Phone: (503) 313-9532
Website: stunglove.com

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