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Nick and Amanda’s Instant Suit Cleaner is designed to give you the comfort of instantly cleaning your suit garment whenever you need to. The design is small and sleek and it’s the perfect size to fit into your pants pocket without bulging through or in a woman purse without taking up much space. The Instant Suit Cleaner is stored in a plastic bottle designed perfectly to hold in hand while cleaning your garment. On the right side of the bottle are 2 finger placements to comfortably hold it.

In between the finger placements are your brush bristles to use after spraying solution onto clothing. The brush is used to brush out makeup, dirt, or food debris from clothing. On the backside is your clear pouch with your 5x5 inch microfiber towel inside to wipe away debris after using the brush. As soon as you get something on your suit coat, whether that is makeup, food or dirt, spray the solution onto the area then wipe with either the suit brush or microfiber towel to get rid of the mark instantly. If you’re going to pay all that money for a great suit for a big event, why not have an instant cleaner that you can travel with and use at any time. Save your suit, save your night.

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About the Inventors

The idea started years ago when they were at a wedding. Amanda noticed there would always be either makeup marks or other stains on men’s suit jackets. When she would notice it on Nick’s suit jacket, Nick would immediately grab water and a napkin to try to clean it. However, the water would leave a mark and the napkin would leave residue. That’s when Nick and Amanda realized they needed to come up with a convenient solution.

Welcome the Instant Suit Cleaner. This all-in-one cleaner is designed to be your instant solution when you’re out at either a wedding or another event and can be used on any stains or marks, no wash needed. Save your suit, save your night.

Nicholas And Amanda Mauro

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