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The TKey is a multi-functional tool made predominately for outdoor fencing and tree planting work. Imagine pulling T-Posts driven deep in the ground\clay\rock in less than 10 seconds without pinching your fingers wrapping long heavy chains around the posts. 

This tool grabs the T-Post at multiple points so it eliminates many pinching points compared to all other T-Post pullers that rely solely on gripping the small nub of the post. The Tkey will grab the post at 5-6 points as soon as upward pressure is applied to the tool. 

Because of the Tkeys unique design, it can also be used to pull 8 foot copper electrical grounding rods, long pieces of rebar, all thread and bolts as long as the Tkey can be slid over the end of the material being pulled. 

Electricians and utility companies will find the Tkey works very well for pulling large aluminum\ copper\coaxial cables off of their large spools as well. Over-driven fencing staples can be removed by hammering the wedge (5) under them with a hammer. 

The wedge slope lifts the fencing staples out of the wood corner\line posts so wood posts can be easily replaced or let the wire fence down to the ground to drive livestock back into a particular pasture after their unscheduled escape. 

The Tkey uses geometry and leverage to make the job of assembling\disassembling old fences safer, easier and significantly faster. 

The tool is also designed to grip the retaining clip so it can be quickly and easily removed unlike the normal pliers method that requires grabbing the clip with excessive hand strength to grip and wrestle the wire clips loose. 

The embedded magnet (6) holds the TKey in place against the T-Post spine while your monitoring the bubble level for proper positioning and\ or attaching insulators, fencing wire and retaining clips. 

The wire hook is used for twisting guide wire on newly planted trees and applying tension to H brace corner posts when building fence. 

The definition of a “multi-tool” speaks to a tools versatility to perform many different tasks by many different professionals and property owners with a variety of skill sets and experience levels. The Tkey does exactly that. 

If you have ever pulled a T-Post with a chain or installed packages of fencing insulators you are going to love the Tkey multi-tool!

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About the Inventor

Jeffrey Nice of Ford, VA, like many property owners has had to deal with the many aspects of wire fencing. He realized much of the work could be done with just one multifunctional tool instead of several easy to lose tools. He worked up a solution and it proved to be quite effective. Working with Mars Rising Network, He had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design into a commercial product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with his to get this product on the market.   

Jeffrey Nice

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Jeffrey Nice

Phone:  (434)-547-3639

Website:  www.TKeyMultiTool.com

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