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Trying to plant your favorite seasonal or perennial flowers in just any pot is a confusing process.  You must know the size and shape of your pots, but then you do not even know if it will look good in backyard.  Perhaps what you need to create is a wall-like structure to form as a barrier for your other flora.  In today’s garden products there are no such a thing, until now.  

The Unipots are the only pots that you will need to enhance the beauty of your garden.

You could say our Unipots are innovative in design.  It is a new, original and ornamental for a configurable wall plan. As a unique invention It comes in with multiple decorative patterns such as our famous log cabin. The log cabin has the faux wood or faux log appearance wherein the faux finish is only provided on the sides.   Then, there are the river rock, bricks and the granite patterns.  Like the log cabin, the river rock, bricks and the granite have the faux appearance of river rocks, bricks and granite textures.  The river rocks and the bricks have a three-dimensional feature that makes them look realistic.  If you are into lattice pattern, the faux lattice design is immensely popular with our Southern themed unipots.

The Unipots are either composed of hard plastic or recycled wood materials for durability that can withstand high environmental temperatures on any climate.   To assemble the Unipots to your desired arrangements is easy as stacking one Unipot on top of another using its pre-assembled connectors underneath each Unipots.  Another way to put them together is the sliding notch which are found on each side of every Unipots making them interlocking.  Ease of use is the reason for this simple design.  

So when in a situation that you require a pot to beautify your garden, the Unipots are the only pots you will need.

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About the Inventor

Brian Cronin of Brewster, NY noticed that there weren’t a lot of options regarding pots in the backyard. He put together a system that can apply to almost any potting situation. Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design into a commercial product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with him to get this product on the market.   

Brian Cronin

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Brian Cronin

Phone: (914) 482-3846

Website: www.UniPots.net

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