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How much protection do you get from your typical face mask?  Perhaps the masks that you buy are not washable and you think a lot about the environment.  Maybe the material like polypropylene fiber in the mask gives you shortness of breath and some other forms of allergies?  Imagine the mask that you are now wearing, but more robust.  It now provides more protection, made with a bio-propylene– a plant based material for less plastic footprint and hypo-allergenic properties. There’s nothing wrong with being careful because you only want the best for yourself and your family.  Why not buy yourself a Unique Convenient mask and beat back Covid-19.

The Unique Convenient Mask for the new normal is the only mask that you will ever need.   The mask is made from eco-friendly material called bio-propylene that is bio-degradable under the right environment, and also protects you from air-borne, droplets and other particulates that might pollute your surroundings.  The material is washable for re-usability.  For disposing C02, the Unique Convenient Mask has two Exhalation valves that allows fast removal of non-oxygenated air.  To give a tight fitting, the mask comes equipped with nose support to prevent the mask from slipping.  The nose support is made from bio-friendly cork material.   For added relief, the ear loops are soft, elastic spandex material with an outer layer of Turkish cotton that provides a relaxing texture without rubber burn.

Finally, the uniqueness of mask comes from its ability to separate the face cover part from the mouth cover using two special pulleys that are located at the front part of the Unique Convenient mask.  Thus allows the user to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with the comfort of home and at the same time the full protection of an N95.    So why leave your home in an ordinary mask when you can wear the Unique Convenient mask with a style.

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About the Developer

oy Jackson of Portland, OR, like many of us is concerned for her family and friends during these times. She set out to make a mask that was more effective and comfortable than the current offerings.  She came up with a solution and created a simple prototype and it proved quite effective.  Working with Mars Rising Network, she had the invention refined with the hope of turning this great idea into a commercial product.

She is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with her to get this product on the market.   

Joy Jackson

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