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The US Air Purification System is intended to be used to clean large sections of air. It would stand many stories tall starting with a cement base for stability. On top of that cement base would be the main metal base housing of the filter system that holds up the upper structure.

The base would possibly also have elevator access for workers to easily use for any repair work. Above the main base would be your long cylinder connector pieces that connect many stories tall for the air to be cleaned at higher levels. At the top of the long cylinder connectors would be your Air Purification System that does all the cleaning. Housed inside would be your jet-like vacuumed powered fan that would pull in all the polluted and unfiltered air through. Behind the fan would be your 2 chambers of carbon filters that would clean the polluted air coming in and leaving nothing but the purified air going out the other end. On top of the Air Purification System would be the wind directional sensor that would aim the filter chamber in any direction the wind is coming from, leaving no area untocuhed.

This system my also have a locking device for what ever direction is needed. On the exiting end would be the aviation obstruction light to enchance the visibility of the Air Purification System when aircrafts are in flight. Al envisions this system to be used in many areas around the world and get the air back clean to how it use to be.

There should be a tension mechanism to hold the bars in place. You adjust the bars to fit approximately inside the window frame and then engage the tension mechanism to lock them in place tightly.

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About the Inventor

Altoric Fulsom of St. Louis, MO had an experience when he was a child that has stayed with him ever since. When fishing with his mother, she had spoken of how much worse the air pollution had become as compared to the clear skies of her childhood. He became determined to create the change necessary to fix the air quality. Working with other artists and engineers he has come up with a solution to increase the air quality to what it should be, what we all deserve. 

Altoric Fulsom

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Altoric Fulsom

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Website: www.usairpurificationsystem.com

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