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The Utility Gift Card

In an era of high cost of living, the ability to pay utilities is becoming a huge problem to many people. What if the common day to day gift card has the power to pay for example a gas bill, power, telephone and water. What if you can help your love ones or a friend by giving them a gift card that will solve their monthly headaches. There is one, the Utility Gift Card.

The Utility Gift Card is a special card that will provide assistance to people who are in need of help. A novel payment method for a not so novel time of high prices and low wages.

The Utility Gift card system comprises of four parts: a dynamic magnetic strip, an indicia, a database and a plurality of local vendor terminals. The Card itself is comprised of plastic that is defined by a planar front surface and a planar back surface. The monetized amount of the utilities is calculated and invoiced in the form of a utility bill. The utility bill may be available online. Further, the utility bill may be received from an electrical company. The gift card is reloadable with prepaid credit. The monetized amount of the utilities comprises a reward. The indicia may comprise alphanumeric characters or a payment card number.

The present inventions holds significant improvements and serves as a utility bill payment gift card system and method. The cards will be available in all local supermarkets and drugstores. It is also available through gas stations and online retailers for convenience. There is no better way to help family members or close friends than to assist them pay for their gas, power, phone and water utilities. The Utility Gift Card system is just a helping hand away.

In the era of continuous revenue loss in the utility industry, growth and strength have been challenged. The near future suggests revenue loss could be at an all time high. With the Utility Gift Card revenue loss could be at an all time low. With the use of the Utility Gift Card this can attract new stockholders as well as increase the benefits with present stockholders.

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Lamarce Tart

The inventor, Lamarce Tart of O’Fallon, IL saw that many people can have difficult times with their utilities but sending cash can be complicated.

Lamarce came up with a safe, easy, and efficient method and contacted the Mars Rising Network and filed for a provisional patent application to ensure the invention is designed properly so he may see success with this great idea and turn it into a real product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty or outright patent sale.

Lamarce Tart

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Lamarce Tart

Phone: (618) 632-8547
Website: UtilityGiftCard.com

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