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Most people have a pillow that is too high or low to assure proper neck alignment. This causes an unhealthy tilting of the cervical vertebrae. When lying on ones side the top arm falls towards the bed and pulls the mid back muscles away from the spine causing undo strain on the region. Even if people place a pillow between their legs while sleeping the top leg will slide forward causing twisting of the lower back.

The Cosmos Zero-Gravity Sleep System assures the sleeper complete perfect spinal alignment while reducing strain on the muscular system. The head pillow has an inflatable bladder serving 3 purposes. Firstly to zero in the correct thickness of the pillow between the shoulder and base of the neck for proper cervical alignment. Secondly, one can grow with the pillow as you can inflate or deflate the bladder at anytime. Thirdly, upon deflating the bladder it makes the pillow more convenient for traveling.

The arm cushion has a dual purpose. Its main task is to cradle the upper arm in a neutral position resolving the issue of the arm falling towardss the bed that will create strain on the mid back vertebrae and musculature. The cushion also has an arch cut out for the lower arm to go through if preferred.

The leg cushion’s concave design keeps the legs in place as to not allow the top leg to slide over the bottom leg causing the twisting of the low back, while simultaneously placing the legs in the correct angle of bend for comfort for the knees and hips. Trust these NASA measurements, combined with the quality materials to assure you of the best nights sleep and most refreshed body.

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Jeff Wright of Denver, CO, developed this system after 23 years of working in pro sports training rooms as a soft tissue therapist. His research into NASA studies fine tuned his concept. Working with Mars Rising Network, they had the invention refined to prepare this essential new design into a commercial product

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty. Working with Mars Rising Network, this essential new design concept was refined and prepared to be presented as a commercial product.


Jeff Wright

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Jeff Wright

Phone: (303) 386-0752

Website: www.cosmoszerogravitysleepsystem.com

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