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Mars Rising Network Features | Reduce Waste and Recycle Your Bath Soap with the Soap Savior

Tired of wasting money by always throwing away your bar soap because it’s too small to hold on to? A new product coming to market, the Soap Savior, is the solution to reducing waste and putting money back in your pocket. The Soap Savior allows consumers to melt together small pieces of bar soap to make a brand new bar. Each piece of soap goes through a quick filtering process to remove any debree. Customers even have the option of personalizing the soap with perfumes or oils.

The Road Trip Potty: When You’re on the Go and You Have to Go

The Road Trip Potty is a portable urinal for females of all ages with restroom emergencies. The product is currently being manufactured and will be available through an online store later this year. The portable potty fits discreetly under the passenger seat and can be taken out when women are stuck in traffic and unable to find a convenient restroom. It is splash resistant and leak resistant to keep the process clean and hygienic. The product is also heat resistant, allowing for safe long-term storage in the car.

Mars Rising Network Presents – Sink Topper Workstation: The Affordable Way To Transform Your Kitchen

The Sink Topper Workstation provides more counterspace by filling the empty space over your sink with a flat surface. Perfect for tiny houses, apartments and RVs, the Sink Topper Workstation can be pulled out when needed and easily stored under the sink when not in use. After coming up with the idea, Stephen Dudzik and his wife, Cathy, began seeking an invention services company to help design it. They stumbled upon Mars Rising Network on the internet and began working with Jeffrey Benson, owner of Mars Rising Network, to obtain the provisional patent and renderings of the product.

Mars Rising Network Helps Brew on the Go to Make a Splash in the Home Brew Industry

Mars Rising Network is pleased to introduce Brew on the Go. Brew on the Go provides an easier method of extracting fermentable sugars from whole grain to make your own beer with the press of a button. For a process that typically requires constant monitoring and multiple pieces of equipment, Brew on the Go pares it down to one piece of equipment and an automated process.
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