FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA – Mars Rising Network introduces the EZ Fashion Snap, so easy, interchangeable, multi-functional and useful, that even billionaire investor Kevin Harrington from ABC’s Shark Tank is impressed. This new invention is a fashionable and multipurpose accessory that allows people to quickly change the look of their clothing, curtains, neck ties, pet collars and more in a single snap. The snaps are built with a groove so they do not slip or come loose, holding the item securely in place.

Tina Curtis, inventor of the EZ Fashion Snap, attended a training called Industry Rockstar, which was hosted by Kane and Alessia Minkus. There, she was able to have lunch with Harrington, and she asked him to pitch the product. Once Harrington heard the idea, he loved it. He has since agreed to mentor Curtis.

Knowing that Harrington has helped launch more than 500 successful products and is known as the inventor of the infomercial and As Seen on TV, Curtis knew this was an opportunity she needed to pursue. She and Harrington have a one-on-one meeting scheduled in April to discuss moving forward with this product.

Thanks to Mars Rising Network, the invention services company Curtis worked with, she had her patent in place, a website, a 3D animation video and initial and final renderings of her product when she attended the training. Her idea was fully developed when she had the opportunity to pitch it to Harrington.

“Jeffrey Benson [owner of Mars Rising Network] contacts me directly and personalizes everything,” she said. “He encourages me and will do anything to help me with my product.”

Curtis plans to extend this line to create cuff links, a jewelry line, luggage accessories, brooches and buttons. She also believes it will be revolutionary for individuals with a disability because the EZ Fashion Snap can be sewn into clothing allowing an easier way to fasten clothing items or change home décor.

Curtis’s next step is to create a prototype for her product so that she can get it in stores by next year.

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