Springfield, Massachussetts – The Gazuntite Cake Shield protects birthday cakes from germs and bacteria that come from the age-old tradition of blowing out candles. The invention was entered in to the Pitch Contest hosted by HarborOne Bank in Boston, where it placed 2nd out of 300 entries.

The Gazuntite Cake Shield is currently being reviewed by Home Shopping Network and Walmart. Sharon Goodman, inventor of the Gazuntite Cake Shield, hopes to have it in stores this summer.

When Goodman decided to move forward with her idea for the product, she came across Mars Rising Network.

“The minute I spoke with Jeffrey [founder of Mars Rising Network], I felt like I could trust him,” Goodman said.

Mars Rising Network helped Goodman obtain a patent, redesign the brochure for the product and seek out trade shows, resources and agencies to help her move forward with her invention. Mars Rising Network also helped Goodman create a prototype of the invention and find a company to manufacture the product.

Made from clear PET plastic, the Gazuntite Cake Shield can be used for sheet cakes or round birthday cakes to protect the cake from airborne germs and illnesses while allowing the cake design to still be seen through the shield. The candles sit on top of the cake shield rather than in the cake, which also protects the cake from wax. The cake shield offers slots for singular candles as well as numeric candles.

Goodman said she came up with the idea from attending birthday parties with her three children.

“I love cake!” Goodman said. “When I saw how much kids spit on their cake when blowing out candles, it deterred me from wanting any and from wanting to give my children any.”

Goodman said she has always had an inventive personality but has never exercised that part of her mind.

“I am withdrawn and shy, but Jeffrey brought the businessperson out of me,” she said. “I don’t think I would be where I am now if it were not for [Mars Rising Network].”

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