BUFFALO, NEW YORK – EZ Flip Pro is set to reach $87 million by its fifth year on the market. Launching in August 2017 on Google Play and the Apple App Store, this revolutionary app allows individuals in the real estate investment industry to list their properties immediately and brings interested buyers and sellers together to sign a contract directly through the app with no third parties needed. EZ Flip Pro even includes comps of nearby homes and has a list of certified lenders for financing options.

“It’s like having a mentor in your pocket 24/7,” Kenneth Lewandowski, inventor of the EZ Flip Pro app, said.

This new technology redefines the real estate industry by creating a seamless process that anyone can use globally. EZ Flip Pro also helps those in the pre-foreclosure stage sell their home faster, potentially saving them from bankrupty and foreclosure and saving their credit score as well.

After coming up with the idea for this revolutionary technology, Lewandowski set out to find a company to help him carry out this idea.

“I searched the internet and traced each [invention services] company through Better Business Bureau,” Lewandowski said. “Mars Rising Network’s track record was impeccable. It had the best quote from Better Business Bureau and no complaints. That’s why I chose them.”

Lewandowski said Mars Rising Network helped him put together his initial patent proporsal, website and 3D animation video. With Mars Rising Network’s guidance and Lewandowski’s can-do attitude, the inventor moved forward in developing his product.

“They took all of my ideas and made them more understandable to investors,” Lewandowski said. “They helped shape this product and market it. They took my idea and helped me focus the energy in the direction I needed to travel to get started.”

Founded in 2007, Mars Rising Network (MRN), the world’s largest inventor resource center, was established to assist inventors in making their invention ideas a reality. MRN is a company focused on promoting the lasting success of experienced inventors and first time inventors alike. The company supports inventors through various avenues including, patent protection, licensing and marketing, product design, creating 3D animation videos, engineering services, 3D design and prototyping. MRN ensures positive results using methods that have proven to be successful for inventors across the United States. For more information, visit www.themarsrisingnetwork.com.