LANSING, ILLINOIS – The Sink Topper Workstation provides more counterspace by filling the empty space over your sink with a flat surface. Perfect for tiny houses, apartments and RVs, the Sink Topper Workstation can be pulled out when needed and easily stored under the sink when not in use.

After coming up with the idea, Stephen Dudzik and his wife, Cathy, began seeking an invention services company to help design it. They stumbled upon Mars Rising Network on the internet and began working with Jeffrey Benson, owner of Mars Rising Network, to obtain the provisional patent and renderings of the product.

“Mars Rising Network did everything they said they were going to do,” Dudzik said. “The renderings came out exactly as I thought they should be. The price was also fair compared to other invention companies.”

The Dudziks are currently working to obtain the utility patent for the product. They are also attending trade shows that Mars Rising Network suggested including the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago and World Market in Las Vegas.

The invention features a cutting board that offers a unique drainage system providing a sanitary way to clean vegetables right on the device. A heat resistant surface is easily snapped on to allow the transfer of pots and pans from the hot stove to the Sink Topper Workstation.

“What makes this product so unique is that it folds in half to be easily stored under the sink,” Sink Topper Workstation inventor Stephen Dudzik said. “It’s portable, so you can take it to grandma’s house or use it on an outdoor picnic table.”

After the Dudziks obtain a utility patent on the product, they will begin the process to get the product in stores at an affordable price. Thanks to Mars Rising Network’s encouragement and assistance and Dudzik’s persistence and hard work, the future for the Sink Topp Workstation is bright.

“Jeffrey has provided a lot of coaching and encouragement by telling me to keep my chin up and keep being persistent,” Dudzik said. “It’s been nothing but a great experience.”

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