Bellwood, Illinois – Tired of wasting money by always throwing away your bar soap because it’s too small to hold on to? A new product coming to market, the Soap Savior, is the solution to reducing waste and putting money back in your pocket.

The Soap Savior allows consumers to melt together small pieces of bar soap to make a brand new bar. Each piece of soap goes through a quick filtering process to remove any debree. Customers even have the option of personalizing the soap with perfumes or oils.

Not only does the Soap Savior help you reduce waste: “This product is especially great for moms who like to do arts and crafts with kids. It gets them interested in hygenie and how to clean their bodies,” Joshua Williams, real estate investor and inventor of the Soap Savior said. “When using the Soap Savior, it can become a teachable moment.”

Williams began working on the Soap Savior with his mom. After researching online, Williams reached out to The Mars Rising Netweork, an invention services company. Williams was very impressed with the service and guidance he received from Mars Rising Network.

“Mars Rising Network gave me the best chance to succeed, and that’s all I can really ask for. Jeffrey is a man of his word and Jeffrey stil checks in with me. He’s a very busy man but still finds time to check in. He doesn’t have to; he chooses to,” Williams explained.

Mars Rising Network offered Williams support in the development of the Soap Savior by helping him create a product pitch brochure and provided him with key contacts for product pitching. When asked how Williams came up with the name for his new product, he explained, “I am a Christian, and savior is a play off of Christ. Soap goes through a lot, but it goes through the Soap Savior and is remade and cleaned, just like Christ’s love does for us.”

Williams is working to get his protoype developed and hopes to have his product in Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Deopt by the end of the year.

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