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The Skeleton Hand Phone Holder is an alternative to regular boring phone holders.  As the name implies, it is a skeleton hand that grips and holds your phone. It can be mounted on a vehicle dash, a desk  or even a motorcycle.  

This skeletal hand is a rubber covered armature that can be bend around the phone to hold it better.  The hand has a clear tray in the front to hold the phone base in place and on the back is a disk magnet that allows it to be connected/disconnected easily to the base.  There is an additional base for mounting on motorcycles.

It can be quite a conversation item when the phone is not installed in the holder.  With its startling appearance, people will naturally ask about it. 

There are two models. The reflective model is reminiscent of the hand in the movie “Terminator”.  The natural bone model looks like a normal skeleton hand. 

The Skeleton Hand Phone holder can be easily disconnected from the magnet base and reconnected to another base. So having several bases will allow you to snap it off of the dash and onto the base in your office. 

The global mobile phone accessories market size was valued at $224.69 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach at $284.05 billion by 2026*.

Rise in demand for wireless accessories also boosts the market growth. This increase in demand is due to the change in customer preferences to listen to music on portable devices.

*source: AlliedMarketResearch.com

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About the Inventor

Jesse McDermott

About the Developer

Jesse McDermott of Milford, UT had an idea for a more creative alternative to the simple smartphone holder, what if it looked interesting even when there was nothing in it? He created a simple prototype and it was an instant hit.  He then contacted the Mars Rising Network and had a provisional patent application filed. Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined with the hope of turning this great idea into a commercial product. He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in partnering with him to get this product on the market. 


Jesse McDermott

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Jesse McDermott

Phone: (435) 691-2851
Website: www.TheSkeletonHand.com

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