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Introducing the Stroller Shield! This unique product is designed to help protect your baby from medical and environmental issues we are facing not only as a global community.

The “Stroller Shield” is a BPA-free plastic structure that quickly and easily attaches to almost any stroller. The “Stroller Shield” immediately provides your child with an added level of protection from airborne pathogens with its built-in, dual ventilation fans with medical-grade, N95 air filters that are replaceable. The dual ventilation system circulates air inside the stroller so the baby will only breathe the filtered air, and then it pushes the carbon monoxide out. Worried about baby’s tiny fingers? Don’t be. Both fans have a protective cover little fingers can’t fit in.

How it attaches: Velcro is first attached to the stroller. The “Stroller Shield” is placed over the stroller. Flaps at the bottom of the shell attach to the Velcro. The shell has a split down the back to allow for overlapping to accommodate different size strollers and allow for easy install/uninstall. A firm but bendable rod inside the shield keeps the shape of the shell so that it doesn’t come near the baby.

Optionally, the flaps can have small clips or pinching pins to hold on for using commercial strollers such as large-scale amusement parks.

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About the Inventors

About the Developers: Inventor Nichol Royston is a proud mom, dedicated first responder and first-time female inventor. In 2020, Nichol became a first-time mom to a healthy baby boy named Brody the same exact week the first case of COVID-19 was reported in her home state of Arizona. To compound concerns, Nichol was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare form of stage 3 cancer a few months after becoming a new mom. With a global pandemic, and flu and cold season in full swing, Nichol found herself a prisoner in her own home and wearing a mask religiously whenever she had to go out in public. While out, Nichol found it troubling that almost every older child and adult were wearing face coverings, but babies and toddlers were being toted around in public unprotected or with homemade coverings their fearful parents made in an attempt to protect them but in reality, offered little protection. It was then that Nichol came up with the “Stroller Shield.” Nichol brought in first-time co-inventors, Brad Penner and Cheyenne Johnson, and they refined the invention and brought it to the Mars Rising Network. Brad is a retired first responder, proud father and first-time African-American inventor. Cheyenne works in medical sales, is a proud stepmom and a first-time female inventor. Together, they are actively seeking a company that would have an interest in licensing the product for a royalty.

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Nichol Royston • Brad Penner • Cheyenne Johnson

Phone: 480-516-3979

Website: www.BabyStrollerShield.com

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