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The Perfect P-Trap is Eco-Friendly, Plumber Free and Heirloom Safe.

The Perfect P-Trap is the modern evolution of an age-old plumbing practice, that will soon become the global industry standard applied to every domestic and commercial sink, new and old. After the original S-bend and U-traps over a century ago, the common P-trap became the trade norm beneath every household sink by providing the essential function of preventing harmful sewer gasses from seeping through pipes into any home, room or business. Unfortunately, the typical P-trap’s design is also the cause of debris and food particles settling in the piping, causing costly clogs. The Perfect P-Trap (“TPPT”) is meticulously designed to allow anyone to easily, quickly and simply not only remove a ow stoppage, but perform preventive maintenance allowing water to ow smoothly through the pipes. Additionally, the unique design of the “TPPT” includes the remarkable bonus feature, a “catcher” at the lowest point of the trap, designed to catch and hold valuable objects (earrings, rings, coins, heirlooms, etc.) that may mistakenly fall down the drain. The ability to manually clear clogs and retrieve lost valuables means this simple, yet significant, improvement eliminates the need for corrosive commercial drain cleaners and/or expensive plumbers without compromising the core functionality of the traditional p-trap. All said, The Perfect P-Trap is eco-friendly, plumber-free and heirloom-safe, guaranteed to reduce hassle and expense in every household, hotel, and business. If you’ve ever dropped a valuable item down the drain like an earring, ring, necklace or some other object, and either lost it for good or had to call a plumber then you understand how inconvenient, frustrating and nerve wracking the circumstance can be. Ease you mind as TPPT provides an easy and quick solution.

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About the Inventor

Dave Chambers
“The Perfect P-Trap”

The inventor, Dave Chambers, a native of Southern California now makes his home in Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Chambers is a second-generation plumber who learned the business as an apprentice to his father. Dave had an idea for a better way to access sink pipes/master traps for clogs & lost objects. After years of tinkering and numerous design options The Perfect P-Trap was born.

Dave Chambers - Inventor

Dave Chambers

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The Perfect P-Trap

Dave Chambers
Mableton, GA. 30126
Phone: 404-454-8477

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