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When working under the sink, we all know how uncomfortable it can be. Because of the awkward position and the edge of the cabinet, it can be painful for the back and body. Add that to trying to direct a light when holding two tools and see the dilemma. Introducing the Workmate 2000. 

 The Workmate is made of plastic and has a small foam covered head cushion and back cushion for comfort and support. It also has a tool holder and a light switch on the side for convenience. A light is located on each side of the head cushion to light up the area above you.

The Workmate can be used under the sink to do plumbing, or it can be used to do mechanical work under a car. This board has an S-shape design to support the spine, and back. This design will allow you to reach up under the area that you are working on more effectively and efficiently. It also has legs under the top of the board to support the head and upper body. When laying flat the legs can be swiveled up out of the way.

Due to it’s flat shape it is easy to store and lightweight for easy transport. 

With the two directional lights at the head of the Workmate it is a breeze to work in dark, hard to see places. Toolboxes on either side have switches for lights as well.  Looking for the right tool, screw or nut is no longer the frustrating endeavor it once was. 

Whether for a Do-it-yourselfer, a plumber or mechanic, the Workmate 2000 will be a back-saver and a time-saver. 

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About the Inventor

Daniel Schwab

About the Developer

Daniel M. Schwab of Anchorage, AK has certainly done his share of repairs.  One thing that always comes to mind is how uncomfortable it can be on the back when working in tight situations. He got to work on this problem and came up with a solution.  Working with Mars Rising Network, he had the invention refined with the hope of turning this great idea into a commercial product.

He is actively seeking a company that would have an interest in a partnership with him to get this product on the market.   

Daniel Schwab

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Daniel Schwab

Phone:  (907) 245-2420

Website: www.TheWorkmate2000.com

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